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Why do white Mexicans hate the Mexican Indios and mestizos ?
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Why do white Mexicans hate the Mexican Indios and mestizos ?

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Misty turn on a Mexican TV program. I see them at the Lousiana Casinos all the time they come in on buses.
My Dad hated blacks and whites. I understood why he hated whites. I could not understand why he hated blacks.


I never heard of a white mexican, maybe you mean a mexican that wants to be white. They hate blacks more than any other race. Why. I don't know.

A white Mexican?

I don't think they "hate" them. Some "white" Mexicans just look down on them. A lot of those short, Mexicans that see at Home Depot, are not really Mexicans, but more like indians (indios). They are still discriminated in Mexico and live in poverty, that's why they come here.

But on the other hand, the racism in Mexico is no where as bad as it is here. Mexican indians were never lynched or jailed the way Blacks were in the good old U.S.A.

woman's stride
I've lived all around the world, in Guam, in California where I had Mexican friends. I have never heard of a white mexican. Mexican is just that... of Mexican descent.

I just have to give you a star for differentiating among them! Most people don't have a clue! I guess, they feel the way about those minorities the way many Americans feel about ours.

maybe the same reason you hate white americans.

It all comes down to the color of your skin. I have noticed this too, SOME not all light skinned Mexicans do look down on the Indios and Mestizos because they feel they are higher up in the chain just because they look more "white" and they can blend in more (depending where they are at).

Because the illegal Mexicans are mestizos and indios and they make all Mexicans look bad, so the ones with purer Spanish roots are offended by being classed with them by the uninformed.
Just a guess, but I'm betting it's part of it.

No matter where you go, everybody has to find someone to look down at.

THATS NOT TRUE! im on the white tone, and Im mexican, I dont hate Indios or mestizos, you are just generalizing. STOP GENERALIZING, my cuzins are black as hell, if you know any white Mexicans that do hate mestizos, tell them to slap themself in the head, Mexicans are Mexicans no mater what color they are.

The "white" Mexicans are by and large of Spanish descent, and were the ruling class in days of old. They still have that caste system drummed into their heads, and consider the "Indian Mexicans" and "Aztecas" and such to be the peasant, servant, working class. It isn't that they hate them, per-se, it's more a disrespectful, I'm better than you sort of thing. Much as the European descendants treat the Blacks, Asians and American Indians of the United States, The former white ruling class treated the South Africans, the French treated the people of Southeast Asia, and the Brits treated damned near everyone else, from Ireland to India, to the Carribean. It's just left over caste system discrimination.
Hope this helps.

Roberto René Vargas Campos
My comment concerning this is that many of us don't even know about what the real history it's all about as far as I know about Mexico or it's natives we've all been ripped off from all pure whites whether their English French Germans Spaniards and mostly are the AMERICANS that stole all that territory which the Mexicans fought for to gain Independence from their cousins the Spanish bunch of colonists that it's why they've ruled all along by stealing from the weakness of people that knew what all whites didn't even know that's why thanksgiving is celebrated and even after that good Indians did they got slaughtered so who cares about color's if ur good or bad don't matter to me.

well im a white mexican, im off spanish and italian decent. it just us white mexicans are the ture mexicans of the nation! mexico could have been a 100% white nation, and then everybody could have been treated as equal!! but as you see now its all mixed!! but oh well what can we do. live life. GET OVER IT!!!

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