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how do i find out if someone is working legally or illegally?
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how do i find out if someone is working legally or illegally?


ask for their ID card and make a verification.

I didn't know you could work "illegally".I mean,everybody works,and if you don't have a ss# then you can get a tax id#.Most jobs take out taxes.

On the other hand,my ex works under the table for cash.He doesn't work jobs that take out taxes so he can't be found to pay child support.

Why would you care how they are working as long as they work?Ask 'em!

****WHY's it gotta be "mexican hats",xxcybernetxx???????Racist.

you don't you mind your own business

Look slowly over your left shoulder and then turn your head and eyes rolling to the right...slowly turn and look him into his eyes and whisper softly...Ă„re you legal or illegal?"

why are you worried about what there doing don't you have your own life with its; own problems or is yours that Good or you want there Job tell us why ....it;s your business or what !!!!!

I agree with Dreamsykel

They'de be able to recite there social security number

they will come to work wearing mexican hats

The Fresh Prince
Passport, Birth Certificate, National Insurance Number - If they can't produce that then ship em home!!

Anonymous Me
Run a check on them, if we are able to find out someones criminal past, we should be able to find out is someone is here legally or illegally.

Lauren S
They would have a Social Security number, and will therefore be paying taxes.
People who work Cash-in-Hand often do so as they cannot then be traced (nor do they pay tax)
If they are from certain countries, they will need a Visa to enter the country and an additional one in order to be able to work - this would be shown to an employee to ensure that they are hiring legally.

how do i find out if someone is working legally or illegally?
Become a British spy trained with the CIA.

ask them for there legal documentation. If they refuse call the border patrol.

Report it! There are fraud investigators that will do the work for you!

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