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what kind of jobs did german immigrants get when they first came?
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what kind of jobs did german immigrants get when they first came?


Lucy Lou

an immigrant always gets the worst jobs that locals wont do ,

Mine came many years ago....quite a few generations ago and they had a small farm. Thats pretty much all they did till my dads time. They were very poor and figured they'd do better in the cities. My father and his brother left the farm and went to do factory work and such after they served in WW2. Their father died young and their mom couldn't run the farm alone. She sold most the land and just lived off that in a tiny shack they called home till she died.

They used whatever skill they had in the old country

unless they do roofing or concrete they will be doing a cheaper labor jobs

Your sentence is incomplete. Came Where? Where ever they came to, I imagine they found employment according to their education level and the jobs available. It was German immigrant that got the space program off the ground (literally) in America.

Yak Rider
manual labor

Baby Raptor
The jobs mexicans do now. read a little history then read some of the book The Jungle and you will get the flavor of how cheap labor has worked in this country

Germans have made contributions to every part of our society. The first immigrants came for fertile land to farm and religious freedom. The Germans have lived here from the time of the Mayflower. Have been in almost every colony in the beginnings of the Territorial development.Skilled craftspeople formed the largest group of German immigrants in any given period. Germans became high profile businessmen and shopkeepers, skilled laborers in rural and urban settings. Fields such as breweries, watchmakers, distillers, and land surveyors were almost exclusively filled by Germans. They also became bakers and butchers, cabinet makers, shoe makers, tailors blacksmiths, typesetters, and printers. Young women from Germany often worked as domestic servants in English-speaking households, which also led to greater assimilation.
The skilled craftsmen have been a large contribution on almost every military base in America.
German Christians were the power behind the Third Reich and Christian Nationalist movement And the opposition to this church found their way To the United States to be free of social persecution. Many of this age were the skilled labor to build the USA for the war that we fought and won.

most of them farm work.

Hermione G
I'm pretty sure that in Pennsylvania at least. The Germans took advantage of all the farm land and became farmers south central PA.

im not sure. but I will tell you this. WHEN THEY CAME TO THIS COUNTRY THEY LEARNED HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH. we didnt have to learn mexican or any other language.OHHH and they did it because they wanted to and felt ashammed not knowing our language or culture.

My Great great great great great great great great great great grandfather was given a farm in 1695.

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