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why do some people treat mexicans like dogs?
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why do some people treat mexicans like dogs?

Somepeople dont like us cuz they think we just come to the united state to take over there place.... But we come to look for a better live and we come here to help your family in mexico... Cuz we cant bring all of your family memebers..... Some we come here to get a job and send my to your family cuz they really need it......Cuz they can get really sick if they dont have any money for the doctor or other things they need...... That is why we come to the united state....


Americns treat mexicans just fine if they come legal,We have black, brown and white people living here legally,WE DONOT want anymore lettuce pickers giving birth in this country that our tax dollars have to pay for,Live is tough all over but if mexicans really wanted to make a difference in their lifes they would stop reproducing beyond what mother nature can handle and they would fight for their own country and stop being freeloaders,Id rather pay $10 for a head of lettuce than thousands for an illigitamate child I have to pay for for 18 years.AND THEN ILLEGAL CHILDREN STILL DROP OUT AND BECOME WELFARE RECIPIENTS,I got an idea why dont you pay the consequences and stop asking hard working AMERICANS TO???

I do not treat Mexicans like dogs. I just want my laws enforced and obeyed. Maybe I'm old and don't get it but I don't treat people dis-respectfully. I have my thoughts on issues but I don't treat people I don't even know badly. Granted there is behavior I don't get.....like some kid flipping me off and I don't know who he is or what his issue is......but I treat each person as an individual and respond as I am being treated.

ur stupid for asking this question in a insulting way u don not deserve to be mexican for talking like that

Brian I
First and foremost, come here legally and you won't have any problems. Everybody here immigrated here at some point (yes, even the native americans). But we played by the rules, thus, you have to as well. Secondly, overthrow your corrupt government if you want a better life. It is your own government that is killing your country. There is gigantinormous amounts of oil in Mexico. That could make you the Saudis of the west, if only your government would stop being corrupt. It's not our fault that your government doesn't provide for it's people, so stop coming here and stealing from us.

All most people ask is that, you come into the USA legally, either by permit or immigrate, that while here you obey the law and you make at least an effort to learn a little english.
Thats pretty much it.

it is horrible to treat others in bad manner.no matter the race. I'm also half Mexican but i have my father side more ..and American citizen ..and also born in Mexico city ..and its beautiful their .but i love it here its more better for any one ..but i think if any body that is not legal should and always follow the rules and laws .because some are being bad Mexicans and it looks bad on the good ones ..and that's why they treat any Mexicans that way.they think we are all like the them..

First of all the people who are treating Mexicans like dogs are hypocrites and racists.

To not support illegal immigration though is not the same as treating mexicans as dogs. There is a big difference there.

I understand why many mexicans are illegal and I say we have a problem there and we have to fix that. We have to recognize this as a scary situation for not only americans but illegals as well. We cant identify you if your undocumented. We need you all documented. With that said though, I vote for immigration reform, to help Mexicans and other foriengers come here legally.

When people compalin about illegal immigrants it mostly is not a personnal attack. For your own welfare (safety) you need to be documented. God forbide what happened 9/11 happen in Houston Tx. How would we know who was who? How could we medically treat people when we dont know what you allergic to?

Immigration reform!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets think for a minute here; whether you are trying to take over the U.S. or not, your still doing it. The public needs something or someone to blame, it always has. So in stead of blaming it are the fools whom actually help the illegals, they blame the illegals themselves. And some blame our president for it all. Although some also blame him for other things...

I know and understand that your country's not exactly on it's feet right now, if fact it's down right cruddy. But others don't. They only see one thing that's fact; that your in the U.S. illegally, and that your not trying to build up your own country. In stead of building your own country, you leave it, and move on to the next.

Some people just don't want the United States to become like Mexico because illegals are here. The same people that brought Mexico down, are now in the U.S., and the same people that left their country in stead of trying to build it up, are also, now in the U.S.

Plus no one likes hearing Spanish everywheres they go. I certainly don't. I can live without hearing Spanish rap, and latain music--believe me, I can. But most people this day 'n age, when all they see is Mexicans, only get one feeling; and that's anger. In reality anger is the main emotion for a lot of people this day 'n age, not just the people of the U.S. .

Another reason some people treat Mexicans like dogs, is because the crim in the United States has gone drastically since the Immigration thing started. And you have to admit that a lot of the bad people doing the bad stuff are Mexicans. So people blame ALL the Mexicans. People tend to judge a lot of people, by one or two bad encounters That's one of the problems with the entire world, Not just one or two countries.

I do feel for you, but you can't run away from your problems. You have to stand and face them. Maybe if something finally gets done, the people of the U.S. might just help you rebuild your countrys. Well, build it period, would be good...

Hope that answers your question.

The content of all 3 of your posstings are the same. See answer for why we cant get along as it fits this one also.

Why are you posting the same details to your questions. That sorta makes me think you may be just trying to be a troll.

They don't want to help this country, just themselves. So why should we be happy that they come here to leach?

Why do a lot of Mexicans treat the rest of us like dogs? Maybe if you're going to come here, you ought not be defiant, belligerent, and generally disagreeable. I live in an area that has a lot of agriculture and a lot of Hispanics - a lot of them are naturalized, but a lot are not. I've had them walk in front of me and deliberately stop so I would have to walk around them. I've had them block the street with their motorcycles and sneer as I squeaked through a spot barely big enough to drive through. But the funny thing is, they only do it if there are a bunch of them. When I was a kid I got beat up by the Hispanos nearly every week...but never by just one of them. So if you don't want to be treated like dogs, quit treating others like dogs. Come and try to fit in. Be nice and respectful. most of us don't have anything against you, unless of course, you give us something.

You know you were going to get all this HATE message. Why are you subjecting yourself to this.

YOU poser!!!!!

If you are from Mexico and want a better life for yourself and your family then why not take steps to make Mexico a better place to live. It is your country after all. In the beginning the US wasn't such a great place either. People who stand up for better living conditions, health care, jobs and wages are the ones that make a country what it is.

US born citizens don't dislike all Mexicans, just the ones that get here illegally. In the southwestern US it is very difficult to tell who is legally here and who is not, so people often have a natural distrust of anyone that looks or sounds hispanic. It's just human nature.

I am very against any illegals being here from any country. I don't enjoy paying higher taxes to pay for medical costs for people who don't belong here. Unfortunately Mexicans that come here illegally usually turn to a life of crime to earn money to send back to their families in Mexico. They eventually get caught and sent to prison which also raises our taxes.

If you come here and acquire citizenship legally than I don't have a problem with you and neither do most Americans. It's the rotten apples that make the whole bushel stink.

Probably because many are tired of the illegal alien invasion from Mexico. I shouldn''t have to pay for the invasion. The keys to a better life in Mexico is an education and birth control.

American citizen and taxpayer
I have nothing against Mexicans at all. I ask that everyone come here legally, though.

I think that for most people the issue is illegals, not Mexicans. Those few that are complaining about illegals because they are bigoted should not cloud the issue.

Antis Suck
Hey! You said the same thing in the other question. You just changed the headline.

Tanisha D
I think that no one should treat anyone badly. I am a christian sand catholic an di love all people and im bi racial so i belive that if someone wants a better life for themselves and their families then who are we to stop them. But people all people who want to harm others and not be a productive member of soceity should leave this country. may GOD BLESS YOU and THIS COUNTRY

people treat mexicans like dogs because this country has always treated the new comer like a dog....irish folks were once treated as bad as the newly freed slaves.....on top of that, if you have not noticed, there is alot of competition for trade jobs and jobs that can actually bring in an income.....this creates hostility within the already struggling working class americans.....and....to whoever.....our country does play a part in the poverty and gov't of mexico.....go read....sure we can not fix it, but surely we do not have to contribute.....this country was built on migration.....and the backs of some that were forced to migrate....YOU BELONG HERE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.....just ignore those that try to keep you down and continue to build your community up....go to school, get a good education, and stay away from 'merican pop culture....it will destroy you and turn you against eachother and other working class folks....try to make friends and no enemies.....good luck

And your better life is at our expense since it costs $10,000 per child per year to educated them K-12 in California, even if you DON'T take medical or any other benefits. The over crowding and draining of education funds is ruining our schools for our children. That is why we limit how many poor can immigrate. Those who come above our limits are stealing a 'better life' for their children from our children.

Well...a lot of us have no respect for people who come here illegally, or refuse to learn English, or demand that we learn Spanish. I wouldn't have so much of an issue with money being sent to Mexico if you are here legally and earning it!

I had Spanish for six years in school, but that was voluntary, and I have an uncle-by-marriage who's Puerto Rican.

And some DO come to take over America!

why do mexicans treat American Hispanics like dogs,i know this is true fore i deal with you mexicans daily,and i am American Hispanic,since you mexicans like to protest American laws,and demand rights belonging to Americans,why not protest mexican laws,gov.,corruption,and demand that your people pay to tax's provide you with,health care,education,welfare,and whatever else you think,you have the right to demand from us Americans,and our gov.!

That's all well and good, but come here legally!!!!

I guess because of the way they treat Americans. Obviously, no one ever taught Mexicans about the Golden Rule. Weare only treating them the way they treat us.

The legal citizens of The United States are also in need of healthcare, money, etc.... We need to take care of our own people, not the people of Mexico. They aren't our problem.

I'm Mexican American and I agree with Mexicans comeing to America legally not only Mexicans but any other race.

monica k
The people who treat mexicans like dogs are dogs themselves...I love mexicans more than i do americans..Mexicans just want to come here to work..and raise their family..and all americans ever think about is.."well f^ck them, they arent coming here legally, so they shouldnt be here at all" well...alot of them dont have the money to come here legally..so they come here to get money...they really care about their family and want to help give them a better life...even if they are risking their own lives...Americans are just to darn selfish in that way..

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