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Can I renew a temporary license tag?
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Can I renew a temporary license tag?

i have a dealers temporary tag for 20days from Alabama, I am in
Colorado and want to renew my temporary tags because i dont have the money yet to my sales tax. is it doable and if yes what do i have to do?


2009-04-07 08:39:21 +0000
you would still have to pay for the new temp tags,,,but the old temp tags have real plates coming in for them that you already paid for,, so just get the plates,, they will be mailed to you

2009-04-08 21:15:09 +0000
Yes it's possible, and welcome to Denver! So good to have you.

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Alabama allows for an extending temporary tags, but I'm not sure if you can do it online but you can definitely do it over the phone and have it mailed to where ever you are staying in Colorado.


There seems to be a lot of info on that site, and if it doesn't help you can contact them directly (even though I know how friendly they are in Denver, but here's to hoping there's some southern hospitality involved n the Alabama DMV)

and...a DMV quick guide


Good luck!

Geez Fuzzy SO Hard to actually answer someone's question Fuzzy!! IT'S MAGIC WOW! Try using your brain next time, genius.

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