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Can I sell my car if the title is in my name, but i haven't paid it off the car yet?
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Can I sell my car if the title is in my name, but i haven't paid it off the car yet?

The title and vehicle registration says my name on it, but than on the lower part of the paper it says "lien information" which it states where I bought the vehicle from, (i am still making payments to them, its a buy here pay here place).

I am just trying to move and I can't have my car when I move and I need money when I move.

I hope someone can answer!



it can be done the easiest way is to transfer ownership (but you rarley make any money this way) here the other person takes over your payments(of corse there is some fees to do this) and you get to walk away from the car in good standing

another way is to pay off what you owe on the car while this will tend to give a greater profit you need the cash paid to the lender before they will raise the lein. once the lein is raised you can ask whatever you want for the car
ie sell the car 4 18k you owe 3k 15 k profit once 3k is paid title goes to new owner
if new owner is using a bank this can be done electronically and you will simply get a check for the 15k


The lien holder has to sign off on the title also. Most likely they will want to be paid off before they will do that.

steve jones131313
yes but when you sell it you have to pay off the lein. do you currently have the title? usually the lein holder holds the title until the lein is paid in full.

Sebastian S
well my dad had the same problem. He said we cant sell it because i didnt sell the car and i would have to pay the remaining sum even if i sold it. We got it for 24000 and it was for 18000 now so we would have to pay off what we didnt which was 2000 after selling it.

Mad Jack
You can sell it. You must contact the lender first to make arrangements to have the lien removed.

The lender will usually want the balance of the loan paid off when the vehicle is sold. The lender will then remove the lien from the title. This is because this car is used as collateral for the loan.

Without having the lien removed, the person you sell your car to will not be able to transfer the title into their name, will not be able to register the car, and will not be able to drive it.

Only by going through the lienholder unless you pay it off first.

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