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Can a Person have 2 driver licensces in two different states in USA?
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Can a Person have 2 driver licensces in two different states in USA?

Example: Having a two driver licenses in NJ and NY? Is this possible? If he submitts two address proofs?


I have Mississippi, Georgia and Florida license.

Actually it is possible and legal. My best friend has a NY license and a FL license. The FL license though says on the front, "Void outside of FL" I believe that FL is the only state that has this type of license. People who only live there part of the year get them so they can have resident perks like beach rights and such.

Mad Dog Johnson
Yep, right up untill the day you get caught.

Fred C
It is not legal to have licences from 2 places in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Britain, or South Korea. The person that says they have licence from Mississippi, Georgia and Florida is either lying to us, or has lied to state licence authorities. The Florida licence that states "valid in Florida only" is a part-time residents driving permit only. It is valid only with the driver licence from the home state, and outside Florida is not a driver licence, just a piece of paper.

I don't think so. I believe your plates residence and license should all be from the same state.

No, in fact it's illegal. When you move to a new state and get your driver's license in that state, you are supposed to turn in your old one. You can't live in two places, and you can only have a license in the state you reside in. Your state of residence is supposed to be the one you spend the most time in, and pay state taxes in. My parents for example were snow birds, between Illinois and Florida, but considered Illinois home and paid taxes there. By the way, most states have gotten smart, and require a physical and mailing address. They know you don't live in a post office box.

Simple answer. No.

And before someone says "International license", that isn't two licenses. It is only having your license information translated into other languages in a booklet you carry with your license.

That would be illegal, I think. Your driver's license is supposed to have your primary residence listed on it, and you can't have 2 of such. You are supposed to surrender all valid licenses when you get a new one, so you'd be guilty of what would probably be a felony in at least one of the states.

I don't think so. You can only have it where you reside as far as I know.

Bostonian In MO
No, you cannot.

When you get a licence in any state, the information is entered into the National Drivers License Registry. If you apply for a license in another state you will be required to surrender any existing licenses in exchange for your new license. If you have lost that license, you will have to sign a sworn statement that the license has been lost. The issuing state will be notified that you have received a license in a new state and the original one will become invalid.

What you are suggesting is fraud. You could wind up with your right to operate being revoked. If that happens, you'll be walking in all 50 states.

I live in 2 states 6mo each, pay taxes vote where i am living at the time . So y can't i have 2 drivers licenses to work in both states . They are OH & Tx

a state trooper told me if you own property in a state you're intitled to a license in that state. i own property in two states and have a license for each state for identity purposes like mail, taxes ,persciptions excet. if i need to fill a controlled script at the drugstore and would have to show an out of state i.d.. they wouldn't fill it or to get my phone or lights turned in that state i'd be screwed now wouldn't i. have had them since 97 without any problems or went to jail

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