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Do I really need a Driver's License?
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Do I really need a Driver's License?

My wallet was stolen a few months ago, and I've been without a driver's license since then. I haven't gotten around to getting it replaced, but my mother is demanding that I do it.
- I don't drive
- I'm not 21
- I have the DL # written down and stored away
- I have a student ID

I turn 21 in the fall and I would prefer to wait until then to replace it, since I can't think of a reason I would need it in the interim. Can you?
Additional Details
Woah, that was a lot of responses. Some of them were a little angsty, so just to clarify:

I do have a passport, which I carry with me when I travel. It's not as though I'm completely without state-issued identification.

I haven't been the victim of identify theft as of yet, but I should notify the DMV / DPS to get that taken care of. Thanks.

I don't think waiting to replace a driver's license indicates any lack of maturity on my part...though I suppose others feel otherwise. I didn't have access to transportation when I was at school, so it would have been difficult to do and it didn't seem that important.

Anyway, I've decided to get it replaced this afternoon to appease my mother if nothing else.

Thanks for all your comments!


if you don't drive, don't bother untill you have to.
but if you're going to drive , then you need it ! or else you will have to pay expensive fines , and get your car taken away and all that crap !

Satan Lucifer Belial Leviathan
Why do you want to wait? I'm 14 and I can't wait to get my permit when I turn 15.

Get it replaced. In order to get your new license, you have to present your old license. Showing up and saying it got stolen will require you to pay the fees twice anyway. You will save hassles.

As another poster indicated, you are supposed to notify the DMV if your license is stolen and you haven't done that. You are buying hassles, my friend.

I lot of places, like the airport, require a driver's license. A student ID won't work, and neither will just having the number. If you don't want the actual driver's license you can still get a license to identify yourself.

Oh, and good luck getting that first drink without having a license when you turn 21...bars don't take student IDs.


I'd get it anyway. You never know when you might need it. Yes, I guess you can use your passport, but a passport is annoying to carry around. What do you want to wait for? It's still going to cost the same when you're 21.

Amanda W
I think you're supposed to replace your license a few weeks after something like that happens. I don't know what will hapen if you don't, the best thing to do is go to or call your local DMV and find out before you let any more time go by.

yes you do.

Always better safe than sorry

You need a state ID at the very least.

Sure, if you walk, ride your bike, or ride the bus, and a police officer asks you for your ID, you don't have one. Give him your student ID and that won't help you much. Student ID's get stolen. Having your DL # won't help much either as that can be stolen just as easily as your student ID.

LiVe.. LoVe.. LaUgH..
why would it hurt to get it replaced?

and why dont u drive?

Nick O
Replacing your drivers license costs you money. A driver's license is an important piece of identification, but then again if you're under 21 you can't be expected to necessarily have one anyway. If you aren't driving at all and don't plan to then I don't see any reason to replace it.

If you do not get a new one and have the old one cancelled someone could be using it to steal your Identity. Get it now because tomorrow will come all to soon and you'll wish you had it.

1) Identity theft with your driver's license is likely. You should have reported it right away to protect yourself. Now, if something happened with your drivers license, you will be suspect! LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!!!

2) Your student ID is NOT state issued. You have no other official proof of identification other than maybe your birth certificate...which I hope your mom holds onto for you since you're so irresponsible.

3) What does 21 have to do with it? You want the over 21 photo instead of the under 21 photo? give me a break...

4) GROW UP and take responsibility for yourself...your mother should not have to heckle you about this, poor woman.

Yes, the answer is The Police and The Law.

If you would like to or need to go anywhere then yes. and if you havn't reported it stoledn then the person that stole it can still use it.

Whatever Makes You Happy. :)

Jonny S
You should yes.

Atleast tell them its been nicked....identity fraud coming your way...

Yes, you do. It needs to be reported to the DMV, too. What if someone is using it as their ID and you get arrested for something you didn't do? Go do what you know needs to be done.

Here in CA the law says you must carry and provide a state ID at all times, either a drivers license or state ID card, which looks just like a DL. In some cases your student ID is enough, but not always. You need some form of legal identification.

Because in case of an emergency, you might need to drive. A student ID isn't enough. To be identified, you need a valid government issued License. Just having the number isn't enough to identify you. Plus... your identity could be stolen, and if that other person is using your license, and get into trouble, the blame falls on you, b/c according to authorities, you did it.

no your fine go ahead and do what it is u wanna do!!!!

I bet you would you be sorry when your driver license suddenly shows up at a crime scene.

just wait.you can tell them when you renew that they were stolen.replacements cost almost as much as renewals

Steve Loves Mona!!

(her answer was good too!)

seven 2 seven
Technically, you don't need the piece of paper with you when you drive. They can look you up on their computer and see that you're a licensed driver. However, in your case, the DMV really only allows 30 days for you to get your license replaced. Did you report your wallet being stolen? If so, they're going to know it's been more than 30 days. If not, just lie about it and say it was stolen last week. You do need to get it taken care of though. Why wait till you're 21? Do it now. You're going to need an ID for more than just driving.

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