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Do you need car insurance to borrow someone's car?
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Do you need car insurance to borrow someone's car?

Like if I were to borrow someone's car, would I personally need car insurance (like from my own car), or only if the owner of the car had insurance would that be okay if I drove it?

I live in Illinois if that makes any difference.



Sorry about the CAPS I was trying to express myself

You dont need it, the car you are going to use must have insur though. Also the owner of that car have to let you drive it first.

if you are driving someone else's car, they need to have coverage on the car. your car insurance will NOT cover someone else's car. If you drive it more than once, make sure they add you as an occasional driver,, because while you can drive it (assuming your license is valid) the insurance company does not want to pay out on a risk they weren't told about, (that's you, driving), and they will deny it if at all possible. ("oh yes, I drive it all the time") However, no fault coverage on you is primary over any other coverage, so if you have it, it will pay first for your medical bills.

Yes you need to be covered ny insurance when you drive anyone's car. The owners insurance may or may not cover you but it is YOUR and only YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are insured

I've borrowed a lot of cars, and most policies allow for people to lend their cars. These are with the big brands. Now smaller insurance companies that don't have a lot of assets will probably not be willing to insure a driver who's not on the list, even short term. But i'm 95% confident most of the big insurance companies (allstate, state farm, geico etc...) will do it. Reason? Insurance policies cover the car and whoever is authorized to drive it. Whoever owns the car decides who is authorized to drive it.

sushine slc
no. you are covered under the other persons insurance. you might have to be a listed driver under their policy. you might want to contact their insurance and see about doing that. i work for state farm. if one of our insured were to lend out there car and it got in a wreck they are still covered, unless they are an excluded driver!

matt c
Usually, the insurance is for the car, so if you have the owner's permission to use it, you are covered also. But, I would call the insurance company who insures the car to be 100% certain. The agent's name and phone number should be on the insurance card. It only takes a few minutes to call and can save you a lot of problems.

Insurance follows the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the insurance. If they allow or give permission to someone else to drive the vehicle, it is covered under the owners insurance. However, keep in mind that if you have an accident in their car, it will affect their car insurance rates (as well as yours) for the next 3-5 years depending on the company.

Also, say you have a pretty bad accident and the owner of the vehicle doesn't have enough insurance, your insurance policy is secondary.

So, owners policy on vehicle is primary, your policy (if necessary) is secondary.

Ustun Inan Insurance
Technically yes, if the following conditions are met.
.You don't live in the same home with the owner.
. The car is not available to to you to drive anytime you wish to drive.
. You are driving with the full permission of the insured car's owner and within the scope of his permission. If he or she lets you to drive to a close by store, and you drove across the State, you are not covered.

What I suggest is to contact an Insurance Agent and buy a "Named Operator" policy. Then you will be covered for BI/PD when you drive any car,including rental cars.

Ustun Inan Insurance

Yes, as long as you have a valid drivers license and permission to drive, you should be covered under the cars insurance. When you borrow a car, you are also borrowing the cars insurance.

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