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Fix-it Ticket.. In California..?
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Fix-it Ticket.. In California..?

I got a fix-it Ticket last week and i traded in that same car for a new car 4 days ago at a nissian dealership. do i still have to pay for the ticket?? are report it?


Pay it or go to jail and do not collect $200.00.

Report the sale or you will have to pay the ticket.

You received good advice. You do need to have the police sign off that you sold the car. Key thing here is to make sure you take proof with you to the police station as to what you did with the car, if not, most officers will not just believe what you say. Take my word for that one.

Take the ticket, go to the cop shop and tell them what you told us. They will advise as to your options now.

Dave C
A fix-it ticket usually has no fine. It's a way of getting you to resolve the issue and have it signed off. Even if you sold the car you still need to have the ticket signed-off/resolved.

You just can't ignore it since the ticket is still unresolved and in your name.

You must report that the car has been sold to the dealer.

When you signed the ticket you were given time to repair the defect, take it to a police station, have the repair verified and signed off then mail the signed ticket to the court BEFORE the court date on the ticket.

If you do not contact the court, you will become a failure to appear. The judge has the choice of issuing a bench warrant for your arrest to compel you to appear or notify the DMV who will likely suspend your drivers license or BOTH.

Your signature on the ticket was a promise to appear in court to answer the charge OR verify fixing the ticket.

Once the DMV suspends your license you will have to go to a hearing in order to get it reissued unless you clear the ticket with the court.

Angel girl
Definately report that you traded it in....otherwise you may get your lic suspended for failure to comply with the ticket...it is not worth the chance.

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