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I don't have car insurance, and someone hit me, do I have the right to request that their insurance pay damage
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I don't have car insurance, and someone hit me, do I have the right to request that their insurance pay damage


angela c
no, when you don't have insurance, you are automatically at fault. for having your vehicle on the street.

Josh T
NO YOUR F***ED!! = (

NO. In fact, if an officer was called out, you should have been arrested for not having insurance.

Car M
NO you don't. There's something called "Uninsured Motorist" that is on most insurance policy, and I'm guessing that the person who hit you had that......meaning that in this kind of situation, his/her insurance company will pay for their damages, not yours.

Since you were driving with no insurance, you would have to pay for your damages, or probably even go to jail, or get your license suspended. It pays to follow the rules my friend.

yes u can ask if u want to, but they dont have to listen to u.

No. Without insurance, your car is not supposed to be on the road. And if your car hadnt been on the road, that person wouldnt have hit you...so in all technicality, its your fault.

you have the right to request anything you want. you may not get it though.

chad c
probably, but you will lose your liscense for driving w/o insurance.

Yes, if they are at fault, and you have an accident report stating that they are at fault. That is, if you weren't driving a vehicle when you got hit. Driving without auto insurance is illegal.


First of all, if your state requires you to have insurance to drive, you were on the road illegally, therefore the accident would not have happened if you had done the legal thing. You can definetly try to get the other persons insurance to pay, but they will ask for your insurance info and that is when the police will get involved and you will be cited for driving without insurance, and the other insurance company will bow out, leaving you with the entire bill for BOTH vehicles. Stupid is as stupid does. RUN FORREST, RUN!

fighting saints
You will get a more definite answer if you tell us what state you are in. Car insurance is not a Federal thing it is controlled by the States so the laws vary greatly.

In most states you are still able to make a claim against the at-fault parties insurance even though you weren't insured.

If you haven't already done so make a claim to the other parties insurance and they'll let you know.

Good Luck

Ann D
Well, if it's their fault, then yes, they have to cover your damages. However, you will be in a lot of trouble for driving an uninsured vehicle. Weigh out your options first. The fines and other fees may be more than the cost of repairing your car.

PS. Get insurance dumbass!

hell yea they hit you right? its there fault their insurance automatically covers ur car you dont even have to give them any info about ur status on insurance.

Yes, you do have the right to seek payment for damages, provided the accident was not your fault. Now, with that said, if this goes to court, the insurance company may be able to get out of it if they can persuade the judge or jury that you shouldn't have been on the road with no insurance. By proceeding with collecting from the insurance company, you may also be brought up on legal charges for driving without insurance. Also, if you left the scene of the accident without notifying the police, you may also be charged with that. You need to weigh whether or not the outcome is worth the hassle that you may have to go through to get it.

It depends on the state you are in. In some states if you don't have insurance you can't claim thru the other parties insurance. In most states you can turn in your claim to the other party. You need to remember that you can still get a ticket for driving without insurance at the time of the accident.

Buy insurance immediately

wow- selfish much? What if you had hit a child? What if you broke that childs back and their whole family was screwed and in debt the rest of their life because of medical bills. You should be ashamed.

Depending on your state.. you may or may not be able to collect from their insurance. I pray you cant. Your a danger to all of us.

the person is in florida who does not have any car insurance that was not at fault

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