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If your 18 and go to get your permit, how many months do you have to wait until you get your license? 6months?
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If your 18 and go to get your permit, how many months do you have to wait until you get your license? 6months?

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i live in new jersey, so anyone living in nj with an answer would really help.


I'm pretty sure you can just go get your license right after you get your permit, at least that's what I heard from where I live up in the NW. But just to be sure, check your local DMV

Different states have different rules and laws. My state is you get your beginners permit (before age 18) which prohibits you from driving without a fully licensed person in the car for 6 months and cannot drive after 9pm. Then a second permit which allows you to drive after 9pm but still not without a fully licensed person in the car. 6 months after that, you get a temporary license with allows you to drive without a fully licensed person in the car, but cannot drive after 9 pm. 6 more months later, you get (basically) a full license (no extra driver, and after 9pm allowed). But if you're 18, and didn't do all the permit/restriction junk in the beginning, you qualify to get a full license right away, assuming you pass all the requirements. Hope this kinda helps.

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Well you are required to get at least 6 months of driver training, three months of that is highway driving.

Yep it really depends on your state because some state requires 3-6months before you can apply for a permanent license others much longer.

it depends what state you live in

if your 18 you just schedule your road test unless your license were suspended you have to get your permit for 24 hours then you can take your test (ohio)

yeh, after you get your permit you hafta wait 6 months till go can go take your drivers test.

oh, you NEED a permit before you get your liscense. idk what that girl was talking about.

help me?

depends on where you live. i live in cali and if your 18 you can go get you permit and have it for i think like a month and then go get your license, look it up on your dmv website

no. that is a common misconception by most. when you are 18 and you pass your written test you are given your permit. with your permit you are allowed to drive with anyone else that has a license, even if they are 18. your permit expires in 6 months. this means that from the date that you get your permit you have six month before you have to go in but you can go in whenever you like. for instance you can take your driving test the next day and get your license. i wish you the best of luck. be safe and remember, "click it or get the f***k out"

depends where you're from.
if youre from canada, you can get your "permit" when youre 16 and you have to wait a YEAR until you van get your license. but if you take driving school, you only have to wait 8 months rather than 12.
im not sure about america's driving policies tho

you don't need a permit at 18 you can just go and get your license at 18

i think it was like 3-6 months lol

you don't have to wait at all...

6 monthes

6 months? no way loll, In Canada i got my license in 1 week

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