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My car is a total loss what should I do?
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My car is a total loss what should I do?

So earlier this month I was in a little accident, it wasn't my fault... I was at a stop light about 4 cars back and the person there was a huge truck in front of I couldn't see past him, well he started backing up! I was honking my horn, there was someone behind me and I couldn't back. So SMACK!!! there is allot of damage all cosmetic still drives great. I drive a 96 toyota camery LE and it only has 90,000 miles on and is/was in perfect condition. Here is the tricky part.... I could Sign over the title for the value of the car which they are saying 3,614. It books at about 4,000. so that's about right I bought it last year for 4,000. Or I could keep the car and still get 3,000, but, it would have to have a Branded title which basically means that the car has been totaled in some way and makes the value go down. the problem with the branded title is you have to let the DMV know... the thing is at the time of the accident is I had no ins and in the state of oregon they will suspend your license for a year and then you will have to carry an SR22 for 3 yrs, I have gotten away with no ins so far so I don't know what to do?


ken k
that accident is god warning you to get insurance/take the 3 grand and keep the car/its only worth 600 bucks

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