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My car was Stolen couples days ago, Whats the chances my getting it back? is the police even looking for it?
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My car was Stolen couples days ago, Whats the chances my getting it back? is the police even looking for it?

I live in Austin Tx couple days ago my car was stolen from my apt complex whats the chances find it? i had made a police report and claim it with my insurance but i only have liability cover. Do even police look for it? what makes me mad the most is that i just recently paid it off.
what can i do now i have to work and work is far have no other trans to get to work..


Well if you finished paying it off its probably a 2004-2010 right?

and my dads 2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 was stolen and the police found it like 2 Years later my dad has 2 other cars stolen from him 2 1994 Honda Accords EX with V-Tech engine my dad found it the first time, the second time my dad didn't even report the Honda stolen and the police came and knocked on my house door at like 8:00 AM they described it, they found it like 20 Min away with nothing on the car (Tires+Rims gone, Radio gone, Car battery gone, and my dads tools for work that are worth like 300$)

you have a chance of the police finding it, and maybe not, i suggest help look for it to, you will find it faster

Good Luck ;)

The Police don't really care about stolen cars, you might have a chance of finding it

Some later model cars have some type of gps tracking system built into the car, maybe check if your car type has it and use that to help you find it? Sorry cant help you too much there

Scott H
If they happen to run across it, they will get it back for you, but they don't have a team of detectives out there 24/7 working your case. Yours is one of hundreds of cars stolen every month in a city the size of Austin.

Derek R
prob took it to a chop shop.

Your car has been chopped up into little bits and pieces and shipped all over the world by now. Your chances of recovering it are 0. Sorry to tell you that but those are the facts.

Two Lane. 455 Rocket.
The truth is just plan on never seeing it again. The cop's aren't looking for it. If you do see it again it may make you even sicker. Some get lucky and they find it safely on the side of the road out of gas.

I know what your going through. I've had one stolen before.

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