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My car was hit while parked, do I have to pay deductible?
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My car was hit while parked, do I have to pay deductible?

My car was hit while parked....I was able to get information of the person who hit it. Now do I have to pay deductible even though it wasnt my fault or does the other persons insurance cover that?

thanks so much
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I do live in the state of California and my deductible is $500, which I think its unfair for me to pay if I wasn't at fault.....


depends on the coverage you have. Some coverage will wave your deductible if your car was parked when it was hit. Others will require you to pay the deductible depending on the laws in the state where you are from. In Michigan if your coverage does not wave the deductible you have to pay no mater who caused the accident since Michigan is a no fault state.

Scott H
If the other driver was at fault and has insurance, their liability coverage should pay to repair your vehicle. If your insurance has to pay, you will be subject to the deductible. Insurance isn't always fair, neither is life.

California is not a 'no fault' state.

In your case, if you carry the right coverage with your collision your insurance carrier can waive your deductible. It's called UDW and normally used with Uninsured Motorists. Yet if you have an adjuster that is willing to apply it up front, no need to worry about your deductible.

If you don't carry it, the best thing to do is submit a claim with the liable carrier. If you go to one of their facilities (and your of age), they can also supply a rental vehicle.

No. A deductible is charged to you when YOUR insurance company has to pay the bill. Since the other driver is 100% at fault, and you have their insurance info- their insurance company will pay to fix your vehicle. The at-fault driver will pay his own deductible.

Your insurance company won't even be involved in this. The "no-fault" clause only applies if the other driver is uninsured, or pulled a hit and run, in which case your own insurance would have to cough up the dough. This is obviously not the case, so no- this won't cost you a dime.

fighting saints
In dealing with insurance "fair" doesn't enter the equation. A "fair" is where you take a pig to win a prize.

When you bought your policy you agreed to deductibles on your comp and collision coverage regardless of who is at fault. If you collect from your own insurance then you pay a deductible. It does not natter who is at-fault.

If you want to avoid the deductible then collect from the other persons insurance company. They would owe you 100% of your damages with no deductible plus they owe for a rental car while your car is in the shop.

If the party who hit your vehicle has been identified, the choice is yours. If they have insurance, theirs will pay in the long run.

You purchase collision to cover your vehicle for damages in an accident. If you want repairs right away, and have $500, your coverage is available right now to pay the damages.
If your repairs can wait or you don't have the $500, you can wait for the insurance company of the person who hit you to complete their investigation and pay for the damages.

Their contract is not with you, and when a claim is presented they have to investigate and verify that their customer's coverage is in order (this usually means make sure the policy is paid up to date and that the driver and vehicle involved in the accident are covered) and that their customer is liable for the damages. (If your car was parked, this is a slam dunk).
One common hold-up of an investigation is that when people do things like hitting a parked car, they are often embarrassed or convinced they can keep their rates from going up by dodging their insurance company. They don't return calls.
Finally, if they don't have insurance, or their coverage turns out not to be in order, your choice is to sue them in small claims court.

The person who hit your parked car owes you for the repairs, but if you want your car fixed immediately you may have to pay the deductible.
Your insurance company will then seek the return of the money they paid out as well as your deductible. They will pursue an uninsured individual for you so that you don't have to sue them, another advantage of full coverage.

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