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What can I do If someone scratched my car?
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What can I do If someone scratched my car?

I was at Walmart when me and another lady went to our car at the same time. She opened her door and the wind was soo strong that her door hit and scratched my car. I only thing that i could think or do at the time was to get my 4 yr old sister out of the cold and into the car. Next thing I know that person just left. I was able to get her licence plate what do I do now? I am only 18 and it was my parents car.


chunk up the duce
go find her car and scratch hers

Kisetsu Baby
The lady did not intend to hit your car with her door,but she must apologize and must talk to you.Tell what happened to your parents and report it to the police.Insurance covers different kinds of accidents whether you are to blame for it,or someone scratched your car while gone,your stated accident above....Or somebody must to blame and must be reported to the police.Hope this will help...

Brian D
get it painted

tell him and give the car to him for repair

Nothing. Sorry.

It's one scratch you can get a bottle of car paint for like 4 dollars. It wasn't an ones fault-

Scratch her car.

Christopher L
use the same colored nail polish from the car and paint over the scrach
make sure it's the same color though

Scott H
Touch-up paint.

Call police. This is hit-and-run...a felony in some states...the other party will most probably have to fix your car...also call your insurance company.

oO0~Alice Cullen~0Oo
paint over the scratch and tell ur parents what happened.(im sure your too old to get spanked.)

I wish i was mixed
just go with it its just a scratch it dosen't matter what your car looks like all that matters is how it works

You can actually take it to a car auto and body paint shop and have them fill in the scratches with the same paint (if the scratch is not so deep) and it'll save you some money as oppose to other things you can do.

Go to walmart customer services and ask them to get the number plate of the CCTV (if they have it).
Or maybe you have insurance, i don't know if they cover it though.

tell your parents it wasn't your fault. Then if you ever see the car again talk to them.They might give you the money for the car repair.

If it was on accident I would not worry about it to tell you the truth but if it was on purpose I would have her pay for it but just to get the paint but I wouldn't do something huge that you would take it to court like some people would!

Most of the time all Parking Lot accidents, Including dings and scratches are called NO Falt. which means that no one is at falt. So its basically you have to deal with it your self. You can go down to your local body shop and get a quote on a repair. My guess is that its just a couple of little dings that might cost you two or three hundred bucks to fix. Dont take it to a dealer body shop they over charge!

Terri R
I would have your Mom or Dad call their insurance company and explain what happened and see what they say to do. I've never had that hapen but if it did,that's what I would do. I have a nice,pretty car and would be VERY pissed! Good luck,I hope it gets taken care of.

If you aren't thinking of turning it in to your insurance company, I would try fixing it yourself. Locate the sticker on the driver's side door and locate the paint code. Take that to AutoZone and they will show you a whole display of Scratch X paint. it is a little tube of paint that is mixed specifically for your paint. One end is like a ball point pen. You "draw on the scratch" and paint comes out and fills the scratch. The other end is a brush for a bigger scratch. They are $6.99 I think, and they work great. Someone hit my truck with their door and I used this stuff. Did a good job. Hope this helps.

take it to your insurance

Discuss it with your parents first. The only thing you can do is call the police and report the incident. Advise the police that you would like the offender to pay for the damages but no charges filed.

Chances are slim you'll get any where with this. You're best bet is to forget about it, take it to a shop and have them fix it. It probably isn't bad enough to be an expensive repair. If it's a slight scratch (not deep into the paint) with no dents in the metal it can be buffed out in 10 minutes.

Live and learn, some people just take no responsibility for their own actions.

Princess Cupcake
If you really want to file a complaint you can contact the police department, but is it really worth it? Just tell your parents about it and I am sure they are not going to mind one little scratch.

LaGail R
File a police report and a claim. They will be able to track the owner of the other car. Good for you that you had the mind to get the plate number.

You could call the insurance company and tell them what happened and give them her license plate number. Alternatively, you could hire some private investigator. They can usually locate someone pretty fast and find extra info about her. That will surely help you solve this mess. She's probably going to have to pay for that scratch. Here's the link: http://www.investigations.com/investigations-and-intelligence/locating-people

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