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What happens if you fail your driving test three times?
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What happens if you fail your driving test three times?

I live in Missouri and I've failed my driving test twice already. Someone told me that you have to take driving classes that are very expensive if you fail three times?
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And if you do have to take driving classes, how much do they cost?


if you fail your driving test three times then maybe you shouldnt be driving

ken k
PERHAPS /you should take a breather from the license pursuit for awhile/its by your own admission very apparent that you are not ready for it/sorry but thats the way it looks from here

What SHOULD happen is that you should not try and get your license because obviously you can't drive. If you did get your license and were driving in front of me... and if I'd known you failed it twice before, I'd be getting FAR away from you!

if you are under the age of 18 and fail the Road Test, you will be required to wait seven (7) days before you can retake the Road Test.

This delay in retaking the test will give you time to practice and to improve your driving skills.

You have three (3) chances with each learner’s permit to pass the Road Test before the permit’s expiration date.

After the third failure, you must reapply to extend your learner’s permit.

If you do not pass your Road Test after three (3) tries or if your learner’s permit expires, you may obtain an Application to Add/Extend/Replace/Change/Correct Non-Commercial Learner’s Permit (Form DL-31).

If you have not taken or successfully completed the Road Test within three (3) years of your physical examination date, you MUST start over with another Non-Commercial Learner’s Permit Application and retake the Knowledge Test.

I think you have to practice before you do your exam in driving. I don't think you can take it again without a written authorization on a Government Department. Try to check out the rules in your place.

Its alright to fail your drivers test twice. I live in PA and this one girl failed hers twice, passed the third time. Here's some info i found:

If you fail the driving test three times, no further tests will be allowed
without written authorization from the Department of Revenue
(department). The driver examiner will give you a form that you must send
to the department. After you send the form to the department, you will
receive a letter from the department requiring additional behind-the-wheel
driver training. You must send proof of the additional driver training before
you will be allowed to take the driving test again.

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