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What happens if you get pulled over without insurance?
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What happens if you get pulled over without insurance?

You see I am an awesome driver. I never get in an accident because I am always well aware of my surroundings. I realized that for the past five years of owning my motorcycle, I have spent over 10 times it's worth in insurance, and never once needed it, ever. No accidents, and no getting pulled over. Isn't insurance a waste of money for me? I figured I could just put the money I would normally spend on insurance, in the bank for the same purpose, then if I need it I can take it out. If the motorcycle dies first, I put the money towards a new bike. Is this such a bad idea?

BTW I live in Massachusetts


2010-06-04 00:01:44 +0000
Depends on how well you know the cop, and what kind of mood they are in.

At the least, they are supposed to pull the plate off the car and impound it. At the worst, they can arrest you.

In MA, you have the option of posting a $50,000 bond, instead of paying for car insurance - so if you think that insurance is a waste, post the bond.

If you don't HAVE the $50K to post, then you can't afford to go without insurance.

2010-06-03 23:47:06 +0000
You know darn well that using logic to explain the law is a futile effort. You either have insurance or you get a ticket.
Acturally, your insurance is to protect me ....

2010-06-03 23:47:44 +0000
thats the worst idea ever. if you get caught without insurance you get a huge ticket and your motorcycle will be impounded. what if something happens? with the coming summer months its very likely you can get into an accident. think of the teen drivers, the heavy drinking people will be involved with, etc. a bike is an investment, including paying for insurance, check ups, gas, etc.

2010-06-03 23:48:46 +0000
heres the thing with bike insurance. your insurance will pay for property damage, which you could pay out of pocket if you had to. however, your insurance also covers bodily injury to others that you either hit or cause injury to with the bike. if you drop your insurance, then you would have to pay for someones or your own medical bills out of pocket. i highly doubt that your insurance costs you more than the payments on someones 700,000 dollar medical bill law suit would. make a smart decision and dont get sued. pay for insurance.

2010-06-03 23:46:29 +0000
you will be directed to police station and perhaps jail or you will pay money for your illegal action

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