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What name do I sign on Title for car?
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What name do I sign on Title for car?

When I got the car (2003) my last name was Burroughs and now I'm selling it but my last name is Cassidy. Which name do I sign on the Title? The title has Burroughs on it already, at the top left, with my address, that's not correct either now.


with your old name and make know what your present name is now.

I would use all 3. Dawn Burroughs Cassidy.

Sign it Dawn(or legal first name) Burroughs Cassidy.

Joseph H
You should probably get that updated before you sign over the deed to your vehicle. They might not let you sign if it is not updated.

Sign it as Burroughs. This includes anything else like the bill of sale. The address is not a problem.

I would sign it just as it is printed on the title. I've run into situations like this as I went back to maiden name... that was the advice given to me by the probate court judge who legalized the name change

**Uncle Jed Sez**
You should sign exactly as it says on the front. You are still that person. No need to update title or add married name, change address or nothing. Look at the front and sign it just as printed.........There will be no problems, if you sign differently or add or change things they will question it.And fill out and sign bill of sale in the same name............UJN

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