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What to do after a vechiles 30 day tags expire?
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What to do after a vechiles 30 day tags expire?

I know bits and peices of what to do but i was wondering if anyone could break it down to let me know what exactly i need to do. Also if anyone has any idea about what the cost would be that would be great to know.
The vechile is in Kansas, and its a 2000 Chevy 1500 truck. I dont know if that helps at all but any info will be greatly appreciated expecially if anyone has an idea about the total cost of it all when i need to after my 30 day tag expires. (How much would property tax be??)
Thank you!


tabitha clayton
it really depends on how much you paid for it. you might have 2 pay state taxes and tax on what you paid for it. if you have , you only have to pay the state taxes.reg charge and that should be it

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