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Who can sign my photo for provisional driving license?
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Who can sign my photo for provisional driving license?

I'm getting my first provisional license and in the booklet that helps you fill the form out it has a list of examples of people that could sign the back of your photo that are professionals and librarians etc and I don't really know anyone with these jobs who have known me for 2 years. Can I just get someone I have known for 2 years without these jobs to do it?


No it has to be a professional person, as they some times ring up checking.What about your GP, a former teacher or even a friend of your parents who has known you 2 years or longer. Good luck..

a place that notorizes or a teacher of some sort

Hi, I am an ex driving instructor and can help you. You will unfortunately need to get a signature from a professional person as DVLA will authenticate the signature by phoning the person who has signed it. If you do not know anyone the best person to go to is your doctor to sign it. He will charge you a fee but should do it for you.

anyone who you have known for over 2 years but make sure you know them to talk to lol

i just got my next door neighbour to do mine and had no problem

dels replies
Doctor, possibly Your ex teacher at school

Head master, teacher, friend of your parents, your doctor can do it also but they charge.

Yes - see here for exact requirements;

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