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Why do new car commercials have license plates on the car, but the same color as the car?
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Why do new car commercials have license plates on the car, but the same color as the car?

The license plate blends in with the color of the car, but I was wandering if there is a law in place that mandates that the car companies use these plates on the cars.


You Lose
Well used car commercials without license plates on the car would make the cars look old and unsellable.

I think it's because they dont want you to know the license plate if they sell you that exact car? or Just because they feel like it. lol :)

Wine and Window Guy
Seems like a safe bet.

david k
im pretty sure those are "dead" plates used for commercials only however a nice big ticket if there on the road with them
it just looks better to have a plate then no plate and the same color to kinda disguise it since there are rules on how much can be shown

No. Usually, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Dealer Division) provides paper plates for customers who do not have plates to transfer. If you are test driving a car, they put on the metal plates. The ones you see on TV are fake plates just to match the vehicle. If you visit a dealer, you will know what I am talking about.

Because its tv. You can do anythign you want on tv. Its fake.

becuz dont u agree that bumbers look akward w/out plates and its the same color so ur eyes dont get distracted.

mohan r
In all over world take any country def rent licensees color also deference number plates also deference. other wise your car will be
stolen that plates will safe for you.insurance also for your safety.
government will think for public health and wealth purpose.in any
Democratic country law is for public, public is not for law.

The plates in commercials are the same colour as the car simply so that they don't detract from the look of the car.

And since commercials are shown nationally, which plate would you put on a car? If I was living in New York but the plates on the car were from Arizona or Michigan, I might (subconsciously) dislike the car if I had a problem about that other state. Or I might think the car was foreign if I didn't recognize the plate colour.

Not a law but it is a smart move. They don't want something that stands out more than their car. It's a law of advertising. :-) They don't want their potential customers to get distracted by something of a different color.

Poetic license, they want you to look at the car, not the plate.

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