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do I have to tell my insurance company about my speeding ticket? What happens if I don't?
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do I have to tell my insurance company about my speeding ticket? What happens if I don't?


This is the perfect place for a decision matrix.

The two actions on your part are tell and not tell
The two alternative outcomes are they would find out or they would not.

The four questions to score by relative value from +10 to -10 (-10 is worst) are:

If you tell and they would find out what score is the outcome?
If you tell and they wouldnt find out what score is that to you?
Now add up these two scores.

If you dont tell, and they will find out, what score is that?
If you dont tell, and they wouldnt find out, what score is that?
Now add up these two scores.

I dont know your answers, my suggested ones are (10, -5, -10,0) which have sums of 5 and -10. The best option is the one with the highest sum, so for me the best option is to tell.

and even if you opt for a speed awareness course to avoid getting points, you still need to tell them.
It is unlikely that they will bump up your premium as a result.

Personally I just keep buying old cars with a few months tax, don't register them in my name and then dispose of them when the tax expires. Thus I don't need insurance to drive on the road so don't suffer with your problem! I have saved thousands in insurance premiums over the years since I came to this country

yes, they do a search of public records and it all comes up--accidents, speeding tickets, etc.
for about 5 years back

Martin N
Yes you do. You will find the opportunity to do so when your insurance comes up for renewal. If you choose not to disclose the ticket then it could affect whether the policy pays out if you have to claim in the future. Sorry!!

Grab that phone and make a phone call.

They will find out eventually. You don't have to call them up and say you got a speeding ticket, but eventually they will run a DMV report and find out about it. It's just a matter of when.

Well i told my insurance company 6years ago that i had an sp30 and they said it didnt matter and it didnt affect my premium at all. My hubby has a current sp30 on his licence and told the insurance company and it hasnt made any difference there either. But i would tell them anyway because chances are if you dont and you have to make a claim they have that as a get out clause if you dont tell them

Yes, definitly tell them about your speeding ticket, or they will eventually find out.

Tell them because your insurance is invalid otherwise otherwiseit will be the perfect excuse for them not to pay out in case of an accident.

I wouldnt even mention it....those insurance people are sneeky little people...they will find out sooner or later and you can then say "I FORGOT" to tell you... worked for me. Those insurance people always know what colour my knickers are...So go figure. OOHHH and slow down next time...

Yes tell them, You know what these Insurance companys are like,any excuse to get out of paying.!!!

You don't have to do anything that you don't want to.....HOWEVER if they ask you if you have had recent moving violations and you fail to disclose them and they run your driving record, your rates will be higher as you properly failed to disclose your driving record, or they could choose not to accept you as a risk. IF they ask, tell them, if they don't ask, don't tell.

Mary K
Even if you don't tell them, they will find out when they do their routine check of your DMV record.
Have you looked into going to "speeders school". Lots of states have it, usually it takes the points off your license (which means your insurance company won't find out about it) and sometimes it even reduces the fines.

You can even do speeders school on line in some states, rather than going into a classroom. I did it about 10 yrs ago in FL, was $80, reduced my fine and no points on my license. Check it out, well worth it if you can do it because your insurance will go up over the course of years FAR more than the cost of your ticket!

Bob S
This might sound underhanded but only if you've gotten points.
If you do your premiums could go up.
Check your policy ( tiny words on the bottom ) very, very

don't worry they will find out for themselves.

you have to tell them. if you don't they find out anyway.

you won't have to tell them. They will find out automatically when your policy comes up for renewal.

Best bet is to avoid the points
1. Go to class and have the points removed (if possible in your state)
2. Contact a lawyer that specializes in traffic tickets. The fee you pay will save in the long run (rates of insurance going up for years vs a 1 time charge to a lawyer).
3. Go to court your self. If this is your first ticket, most state traffic courts have some leniency and if the judge is in a good mood you may get that break.

If you have a speeding ticket, they will know. It becomes part of your record. Be up front with them. Because they will check.

Mick B
Yes you do. When you take out your policy you will be asked if you have any convictions or points. If you say 'no' when you actually have then your insurance will be invalid and you could get done for fraud in the event of a claim.
Best to fess up!!

On a Mission
You need to tell your insurance company right away otherwise if you have a claim they will not pay out because you have not told them.
Regards Jason.

no you don't not unlesws they ask you have they and if they have then you have to other wise you could be introuble but i think it is irrelevant unless they have asked.

Nothing happens if you don't.

You don't have to tell them, they're big boys, let them pull the MVR and find out for themselves.

If you can take traffic school or something to get it off your record, do it.

If you can' take traffic school, when you pay the ticket, pay $3.00 too much. When they send you a refund check for the $3.00, DON'T CASH IT! They will hold the file forever waiting for the $3.00 check to be cashed. The ticket can't show up on your MVR until the transaction is completed, and if you throw away the check, it will never be completed!

They already know.

you don't have t tell them they'll find out when they check your record on your renewal why didn't you take defensive driving to get the ticket off of your record

Yes you have to tell them. It will state in the conditions of your policy that you have to tell them if anything changes.
If you dont your policy is not valid. Simple as.
It will probably go up following your points, but its better than having no insurance

Just tell them, if you do it by phone get a reference to it, just in case in the future they say you didn't tell us.
You see the problem is, if you don't tell them, then you try to make a claim, they will do anything not to pay you.

yes you do if you have pionts on your licence if you don,t tell them and you have an accident and they find out your insurance will be invalid you could be fined and go to prison for the offence then you be sued by the other party if in an accident so yes let your insurance company know your premium might go up but be honest wiyth them it,s not worth not to be

Final Answer
The ticket wouldn't have any effect on your policy until possibly renewal time. If you stay with the same company, they will most likely never know because it is not common practice to check license status at renewal. Keep in mind that a ticket is not a conviction. It may be reduced or even dismissed if you go to the hearing. 10 years handling insurance claims and the companies never denied a claim because of no report of a simple speeding ticket. Policy may be set to non-renew for no license or could be canceled early in the policy period if the insured witheld information such as a suspended or revoked license. The insurance company is only allowed a certain amount of policy cancellations and they wouldn't waste it on a simple speeding ticket, most offenses are much worse.(DWI, accidents,etc.)

You have to tell them about any points on your license or your insurance will be considered invalid and you'd be in a right mess if you had a bump.

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