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my car is in a compound after it was taken from me for having no insurance?
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my car is in a compound after it was taken from me for having no insurance?

yet i have to get road tax on it, i received a letter saying so. however i no longer own the vehicle how do i notify dvla of this.


Philip P
you are still the owner and the keeper of the vehicle even if it wasn't on the V5 as when the car was impounded from you for not being insured the seizing power would have submitted a V79 change of keeper details on your behalf..
YOU will now be liable for all the back tax on the vehicle since it was last taxed. That is why the DVLA have sent you the taxation notice.
It is up to you to prove to the DVLA that you haven't been using the vehicle on the road..
You will also be sent two notices regarding the storage and the production of a valid insurance certificate, you will also be required to produce a valid mot certificate for the vehicle..
Alternately you will be told that the vehicle will be destroyed and you will be invited to attend the destruction to witness this has been done..
BUT even once the vehicle has been destroyed you will be prosecuted for no insurance and the fine for this is over 1000 and six points on your licence. On top of that DVLA will still pursue you for the unpaid duty for which you could be imprisoned.

Bridget F
Unless you have sold or formally surrendered the car, then you do still own it.

If you still own the car, then you have to pay tax and insurance on it.

If you want to register it as 'off the road' then DVLA have information here: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/OwningAVehicle/UntaxedVehicle/DG_4022058

if your car has been impounded you still own it untill it is sold at auction, therefore you are commited to paying it,s dues, but it seems you are the kind of person that has no interest in doing that, therefore you can expect to be prosecuted, and rightly so.

If you have no insurance, you deserve all you get.... and that's going to be a lot of $hit.

The Saint
Send them the V5 (log-book).
And I hope you get stung bad for no insurance.
And your car crushed.

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