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what states are not linked together for drivers license?
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what states are not linked together for drivers license?

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I got 4 dui's - the last being July,03. I have been sober since. Due to a personal tragedy, I just did not care about anything. I had never been in trouble ever in my entire life. Theres no excuse. I am forever banned to get my DL in my state. I have no one to drive me. My town has no public transportation. I have no family here except my elderly mother whom I have to care for. Now she's unable to drive and depends on me for everything. I had to leave my job because the co moved and I lost my ride. I do not know what to do. I thought I could go to another state and get my DL. Thats my only hope. What am I to do?


2008-01-27 07:04:26 +0000
All states are part of the National Driver Register, which lists all suspended and revoked drivers. You can't get a license in any US state until your state lifts the revocation.

2008-01-27 00:13:17 +0000
all states in the USA require different licenses.

2008-01-27 00:14:06 +0000
All the states are linked together. So, if you got your license taken away in Michigan for drunk driving, and you moved to Texas just so you could get another license and be able to drive, It won't work.

Otherwise, people would move all the time when they lose their license in one state. They have all been linked for some time now AND they WILL check your driving background

2008-01-27 00:13:20 +0000
They are ALL linked together. They have to be in order to allow changing license from one state to another.

2008-01-27 00:15:49 +0000
no drivers license is linked to other states.

2008-01-27 00:28:38 +0000
I know what you want, and you are about 30 years too late! The last of them got tied together around 1985 when the Federal DOT mandated liability insurance for all states in order to qualified to recieve federal highway money.

2008-01-27 00:14:37 +0000
Clarify that please
A drivers license is good in all 50 States if you are just crossing state lines. They just have different qualifying rules to get one.

I came back in here to suggest talking with a lawyer. Some times if you can luck in to a good one he might be able to get a hardship qualification. But DUI is a tough one. If you fall off the wagon I would not like to think that I was responsible for you killing someone.

I wish you luck and pray for you to stay sober.

P.S. Robert B. has your Best Answer.

2008-01-27 00:13:38 +0000
There are none. they all have computers now.

2008-01-27 00:12:08 +0000
Reask. This question makes no sense.

2008-01-27 00:18:15 +0000
As far as I know each State sets its own rules and issues its own licences.

I am one of the privileged few to have a "Federal Licence" valid in all states but I got mine via the US Arny.

Ian M

2008-01-27 00:17:46 +0000
All States are linked together. There was a time in the United State when this was not true, but with the advances that have been made in technology, you can archive any drivers records from any state. I am a Sheriff and do it all the time in Georgia. Also the drivers license divisions are all linked together as well. So, if someone has a bad record such as a dui it will follow them to any other state. Hope this helps.

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