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Addresses for serial killers?
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Addresses for serial killers?

Okay its not crazy as it sounds, I am doing a project for my pych class and I need to write to a serial killer but I dont know how to get their address. Any ideas?
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Man they have some rude ppl on here, the actual project isnt to write a serial killer its just a paper I am going to write it on. I dont wanna meet the person in person just a letter and I have a P.O Box so they wont know my true address and I do not plan on using a real name.


Hello, I love you.
look in your closet

Why...Never mind. Go to a jail and ask or something...idk

haha that's kinda creepy.
umm try searching for them online, and then see what jails their at =]]

for the love of god, write someone in jail. You SO dont want to give your address or name to any of those guys.

address? are you sure? :))

Use http://www.shvoong.com/books/829988-encyclopedia-serial-killers/

Your teacher must really hate you...

Their private whereabouts are kept completely confidental, by the government. If their addresses were ever published- angry mobs could certainly mark them all for sure death. The only serial killers you can contact- are the ones already doing time.

You are in college right ??

Wow I thought all college kids know about Google
Heck Your other little classmates have asked this already so if you took the time to be the College student you are than you would know how to SEARCH
That way no need to deal with other people's comments.

On the real though figure out who you wish to write to MIND you some get MASS amounts of mail many from people Like you.
Be prepared that IF you do get a reply it may be a LONG time coming
Some of them have asked to not get mail except from folks on their list.

Google the person find out where they are google it d a prisoner check get their number and address and write how hard is that

google it...pen pals in prison and take it from there..this shouldnt be a project though

Sam loves Erin <3
ok... go to the jail.. ask a guard if u can speak to a serial killer.. and ask him about himself...

Sarah =)
lol that sounds pretty crazy no offense haha

I wanna do that too :]

You just can't. Serial killers doesn't want people knowing it, sothey hide it.


i don't think serial killers are free.
they are most likely in prison.

You need to report your teacher if he/she is demanding a task like this. No teacher would be allowed to do that and he/she needs to be suspended. You have the right to say no!!

silence..ill killl you
charles manson i think hes in san quinten prison
BUT hes up for parole in 2012 so be afraid....be very afraid

allison l
Try contacting a jail. I'm sure they have a bunch.

What psych class would have you write to a criminal?

look under the state prison names...google,ex.nys department of corrections etc...
I would use a p.o.b btw

John Mansfield
I am sure some of them have My Space pages. If not their fan clubs do. Yes, serial killers have fan clubs.

Don't write about serial killers by interviewing them, you can be sued for putting their names and the results, not very worth it.

Can't you just contact the police or e-mail proper authorities and ask them their intake about serial killers?
Like psychologists.

Good luck.

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