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Are we spending too much money on prisons?
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Are we spending too much money on prisons?

please elaborate and give as many reasons as possible.
i would prefer both sides, yes and no. thanks.


verda hb
yes we are spending to much money on prisons , and contrary to what so many people believe that prisoners have it made is just nor true, unless you think a concrete bunk with a 1 1/2 '' pad and slop a self respecting pig wouldn't eat, practially no medical , 1 T,V, per 70 people, you get the idea and then work 8 hours a day in a factory making mattresses, clothes, postage bags, furniture , and office furniture , etc for 35 cents per hour, when a phone call cost $3,50 for 15minutes one a month, and every thing in their commissary cost from 2 to 3 times as much as it does on the street..and they claim it cost from $30.000 to $35.000 per year for each prisoner??? why, well since these factories are privately owned and none of the proceeds from their work goes back into the prison system,but into a select few stock holders such as Judges, prosecutors, some prison personnel, F,B,I, and D.E.A. agents etc, our lawmakers have passed over 60.000 new laws since the 50s some so ridiculous it is sickening, such as giving a man 3 years in prison for peeing on a federal hwy , (and not being indecent ) or a open can of beer in a state park, plus we have people on our juries who would never believe the cops or the prosecutors would lie, at present we have a 98.8 %conviction Ratio, and the above will make damned sure our prisons stay full to capicity, Rusia is the only country on earth who has a conviction Ratio even close to the U,S, theirs is 92%, conviction ratio, and we have more people in prison than any country in the world including China and North Korea, why??? it is very profitable for a select few

Christopher H
We are spending too much money on niceties for prisoner but not enough on making more prisons. Prison is so nice that I just read where a guy got out of prison and then worked as a roofer for a while. He got tired of that and went to Florida where he robbed a bank. In the middle of the robber he told the teller to just go ahead and call the police. He WANTED to go back to jail. What does that imply? Certainly he could have been warped but this is not the only criminal who decided that a warm place to sleep, three meals a day, free health care, a chance for a free education, and more leisure time than I have trying to make ends meet is not a bad deal.

No, to keep society safe we will need to continue to build and build until the criminal element is either incarcerated or stop committing crimes.

no need more

no because private companys build prision , which is y more are being built everyday

bruce jby the way
Yes they can be built much cheaper I'm sure,and much more humane,Illegals should build the walls and the prisons,then spend a lot of time there,and charged to Mexico they are a rich country,but having said that they need to be investigated for corruption from time to time.A white collar criminal should be given no breaks .there should not be to much free time,they need to grow their own food,It's time to let repeat offenders meet old sparky ,I don't see why we can't remove 60 to 200 a day that are taking up space ,A.C.L.U.lawyers can hold their hand as they pull the switch.No gyms,basket ball,visits with wives.After they pay their time put a collar on them and parachute them in Honduras or further south.If they make it back they need to go to jail again.

i think so and for minor things we need to put more money into schools . and build programs for adults who cant read or write. they dont know better so they dont do better

Not spending enough money on prisoners. Too many people in prison for marijuana. Not enough people in jail for cocaine, rape, or murder. Not enough white collar criminals in prison.

Yes I think we spend too much on locking up prisoners of the War on Drugs. Which succeeded only in making our youth into Robitussin/ Nyquil abusers, that are so inclined and are afraid of getting caught.we need some common sense laws to go with some come common sense judges and district attorneys. Where were they at when Enron went down the toilet? We miss the real criminals, be they in Houston or Washington or Colombia.

bush deathgrip
the web is loaded with reports on how rotten the system is. every small time drug dealer is sent to prison, creating a job for more drug dealers..........jail violent criminals and do it now.

google over prison overcrowding. then google US education world rankings.........

get the idea?

Da Mick
Methinks you should ask yourself this question;

Why is it that it's easier to muder than it is to pay for the crime? See, If one should do this without remorse, he knows he stands a chance of "Life imprisonment instead of the "Death Penalty." There are more people who deserve the fate of their actions, because, again, they knew the consequences. We seem to rather glorify these people for the crime, becoming books, even movies. Now,ask yourself "How is this possible?" In my opinion, they forget the victim. The family who's grievence is deaf on higher ears (HERE) Why is it that he be glorified for the crime and not paying his own life of the rules and laws of society that binds us as men? He takes life away like it is lawless, we yet we do nothing.

definitely== I believe that hard core criminals shout be sent to prison==but when it comes to white collar crime I am of the opposite belief ==White collar criminals should be sentenced to home confinement and made to go to work and pay part of their salaries to the Government==This would bring money in instead of putting monies out for their housing--eating--medical needs=clothing--and whatever.
Realizing how difficult it is to gain employment when you have a criminal record ( yes -even a white collar crime) they could be employed by the government in jobs that are difficult to find people for ==what a savings this would be in the prison system

if you think about it we are spending too much but at the same time we arn't. We could use money for health care and education but the rate of people going to jail has tripled. If we dont spend that money the amout of prisoners will go even higher than it is now. We need to try aand keep our society free of the people who are trying to harm us. There are some statistics though that show that over ONE MILLION prisoners are in jail for non violent crimes. Im not saying that these people arn't bad but that they could be put in other corrrectional services so that the goernment wouldn't have to spend as much on prisons than on health care and education etc. so on my personal point of view I think that it is a hard decision and although we need to keep our society safe we could reconsider how we treat different types of crimes... and hey if you dont agree thats alright we just have to think of whats right for the innocent people in our society because they are the ones that are supposed to feel safe. thats what i think, dont hate my point of view :)

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