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By law, do you have to tell a police officer where you are going, if he asks you?
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By law, do you have to tell a police officer where you are going, if he asks you?

I was just wondering. If I were pulled over for some sort of traffice thing, Do I have to answer questions. If he asks where I am going, do I HAVE to tell him? If I was speeding , give me the ticket and move on. Do I have the right to politely refuse answering personal questions?


just say where you are going... all they are doing is just see if there something wrong with you or if they sepect something. but you could use Amendment 5. you don't have to say any thing...

I don't think there is a law, but why not keep cool and just say, "Home." It's not like they're going to call you in 10 minutes to see if you're there.

But, if you get snarky, you never know what might happen.

old fuzz
The only thing you have to provide the officer is your drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance. If he asks you questions you can tell him that you do not wish to speak.

Most of the time the "small talk" the officer is making is just an attempt to defuse a tense situation.

Keep in mind your refusal to even engage in polite conversation may make him suspicious about just what you are up to.

He may ask you if he can search the car. You should probably answer that one. . .

No need unless they suspect you are running away to escape from some offense..

Not To Serious
No you do not have to tell a cop where you are going. And do not adimit that you were speeding.

eddie f13
no you have to answer personal qusetions

Welcome Isabella! March 30!
You have the right to remain silent hun...no need to tell them where you are going. Just don't be rude about it cause you don't want them to make you pay even more!

No, they will never ask you that unless they have a good reason to. You can politely refuse and ask why they need to know.

Bob C
You don't have to tell them a d@mn thing. I kept getting pulled over by the nicest cop I ever met and told him where I had been, what I was doing and where I was going. The next year he caught me speeding in the same place and I was out looking for a job again and told him so. He remembered me and that that was what I was doing before. He was the coolest cop I ever met. It was a pleasure getting a traffic violation, that I deserved twice, from him and I told him so. But to answer your question, he was one in a million. I wouldn't tell the officer anymore than needed unless you can tell good people from bad like I can.

If the boy or girl asks to search you car as "old fuzz" suggests they might, tell them to get their dog. After they have detained you for an hour or so make sure and get their names so you can bill them for your time. When they refuse to pay up then send the bill to a collection agency and start destroying their credit.

Where I live, you are required to produce a valid driver's licence, vehicle ownership and proof of insurance.

That's it.

Don't answer any other police questions.


You don't have to tell those nosy creeps anything.

Jim Bob

you don't have to tell them where you're going, it's none of their business.

Dert H
Nope. And you you can say" whats it to you"?

You might be interested in the video "Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters", which discusses different scenarios, how to handle them, what you should do, and what your rights are. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqMjMPlXzdA

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