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Can I get my car back without getting in trouble with the police?
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Can I get my car back without getting in trouble with the police?

I lent my car to someone i met online a few months ago because i was desperate for money (stupid i know) the person has now moved from where they told me they were living. is it possible to get the police to get the car for me without me getting in any trouble? i get the feeling that the police won't believe that i was stupid enough to do it and they might arrest me for lying to them. the car is still registered in my name but i just can't find it now, that's not good is it? please offer some insight before i go to the police. by the way i won't be pressing charges if i get it back soon
Additional Details
to answer the lasp question, yes i do just want the police to get it back for me


Deny it all! just say you met online slept with them woke up in the morning car was gone!

you always get trouble with police. but you will probably get caution.

The car is registered on your name. Why would the police arrest you for that? You can get you car back; you can even go to court and tell the judge what happened. I’m sure you have the Wright to get your car back. But that doesn’t justify you lending the car to them. I don’t know what the police will say about that. But remember that is your car. It is registered on your name.

Wait a minute - you lent them the car - because you were desperate for money......so di they give you money?

If they did - you didn't laon it to them you rented it (possibly) ???

Now they have gone with your car and you want it back....

Just go to the police and tell them that this person stole it....after you loaned it to them.........although technically, they haven't stolen it - you gave it to them.

maybe you wont get in trouble if he didnt pay you then ask for the police for bribery and stealing

Carry On..!
If you still know where the person is, ask for it back, if they say no, then technically it's theft as the agreement has run it's course. Then you can call the old bill. Same as if you hire a car from Avis and don't return it.

♥ Princess* *Rachael ♥
yeah it was a really stupid thing to do but i dont think you will get in trouble because its your property you can lend it to who ever you like.
just get in touch with the police and find your car, i will be surprised if that person still has the car anymore or if its even still in one piece but its worth a go. and also i think your even more stupid if you dont press charges, you trusted this person to borrow your car and to give it back in the condition it was given, they broke that promise and have stolen your car. you need to press charges.

Go to the police and tell them the truth. Just say that you lent your car out and now the person has vanished with it, because that is theft! Did you agree on a date of return? Don't worry about getting them in trouble because if they gave a sh!t about you they wouldn't have moved without informing you! You won't get in trouble, as long as you're truthful!
Also that car could be used in any type of crime and if the car is registered in your name you're going to be the one in trouble when you can't prove that it wasn't you. The 1st thing they'll say is
"have you reported it stolen?"
And you'll say "no"
And they'll say "Well we don't believe you then! Why wouldn't you?"
Good luck

Charles S
Do you have conditions of the hire agreement written down? An e-mail would be OK. If the person has breached an agreement, you can ask for repossession. However, it may not be theft. If, for instance, you lent the car for six months for £1000 up front payment, and they paid but some time is left to expire, you have to show that they agreed to keep it in a certain place for that period. Otherwise, you can't get the car back until the period of the loan expires. If the period has not expired, you need to use the civil courts for breach of contract, as no crime has yet been committed.

If the period that you lent the car for has expired, you can report it to the police as stolen, though the police will put another name to the crime.

Don't worry about telling the police. Just be truthful and don't make false accusations against the person who borrowed the car. Many people have done really stupid things before and you won't be the last.

Basically the only thing you can tell them is the truth. It was stupid to "loan" your car to a stranger. And you do run the risk that they may not help you unless you press charges.

Also, if whoever you lent your car to is street smart, they have already changed the registration. Good Luck!!

Mr Warrior
The car is now stolen and considered stolen by the police. Its that simple. This is no different to me lending my car to my brother and it does not get returned. If it is not returned at the agreed time with a little time to give and take on either side then it is considered stolen.
Police will not care if u lent it to someone online. The online part is irrelavant.
Report it stolen as u could get a heap of speeding tickets, could be used in crime or incurr you debts for not paying road tolls etc.
This could cost you money report it now,, then you wont have to pay anything you have incurred why its stolen.
If its stolen and police can not find it in a certain period of time you can get the insurance claim also if you are insured.

Well it sounds like they have stolen it.

I would report it stolen, and give the police all the details, you will not get into any trouble do not worry.

People who do kind things sometimes get treated like this, so just explain yourself when asked, but for the mean time JUST report it stolen, and the police will be on the look out for your car/number plate.

Steve V
You just have to report it stolen. explain that you lent it to someone who then did not bring it back.

Even if you are stupid, still does not permit someone to steal your car.

go to police

You are in deeper trouble than that because if he has run up parking fines and moving traffic offences you are responsible for them. I would go to the police and/or seek legal advice ASAP because you could be in the S.H.I.T.E already

Ian UK
I'm a little concerned about your comment of not pressing charges if you get it back soon.

Are you merely using the police as a means to get your car back?

From what you've described, this falls under the remit of a civil matter as you lent the car to this person.

Theft is defined as follows:

A person commits theft if he (she) dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.

In order to prove theft you have to prove all elements of the offence.

1. Dishonestly, was there any dishonesty on the part of the person who has your car? I would suggest not as they asked if they could borrow it and you agreed.

2. Appropriates, (takes ownership of) did this person appropriate your property? They were borrowing it.

3. Property, this is clear cut as a car is defined as property.

4. Belonging to another, this again is clear cut as the car is yours.

5. With the intention to permanently depriving the other of it. If the person you lent your car to has disposed of it, (sold, burnt out, given it away) then this part of the offence is complete.

The other offence I can see is taking without owners consent but again we have a problem as you gave your consent when you lent this person your car.

I would suggest calling the Police if you feel you have to but I think you may get the same answers as I've provided. My only other suggestion would be to go through the civil courts to get your vehicle back if you can find the person who had your car.

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