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Can I still become a police officer even after expunging?
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Can I still become a police officer even after expunging?

I was convicted of receiving stolen goods over $500(felony) about 5 years ago and completed my probation. I even got recommended for early termination because i had no problems with the law since. I was 17 when I received the charge, I am now 22.
i recently had my record expunged and I have been thinking strongly about joining the law enforcement. I've been getting alot of different answers on whether the agency will except me or not. My father-in-law is even in the academy and he said he's really not sure either. What I'm basically asking, is can someone with knowledge on the subject help me out and give me some kind of idea? Thank you.


2009-06-15 10:43:04 +0000
It would raise some eyebrows on your application.Even if it is expunged , write it on the application forms , they will find out.

They will question you about it , just be truthful.It really helps if you know someone in law enforcement to recommend you.

It is not what you know it is who you know.

2009-06-16 13:22:56 +0000
Depending on the State, If you got your record Expunged, it's Expunged.
You should not have a problem getting into law enforcement. Just make sure you fully disclose the incident during your background check.

2009-06-15 09:48:08 +0000
you may want to start your career inside a donut shop, then work your way up

2009-06-15 13:22:14 +0000
When they do a background check, it will indicate that you were arrested, they will also discover that you have a FBI number, fingerprint number, all of which means you were arrested and charged for a crime that was a class b and above, class b and above will disqualify you! It was expunged from public record, you can lie to a regular job, but not one as sensitive as a police officer, don't you people get it, being a police officer is not a regular job!!!!!!!!! You can be a lawyer with certain arrests, but you can't be a police officer, you must be beyond reproach!!!!

2009-06-17 03:36:56 +0000
Your Record was not "Expunged." You got a Order of Non Disclosure. Which (I assume you're in Texas) is an order signed by the judge that directs the Department of Public Safety to Refrain from disclosing to PRIVATE ENTITIES the fact that you were on probation (Deferred Adjudication). You're allowed to answer NO if asked by a non government entity if you had been charged or arrested for that offense.

This does not apply to Criminal Justice Agencies. Your "Rap Sheet" will always show that you were arrested and did probation for the offense, it will also show that you were terminated, and the date. This is available to any Criminal Justice or Licensing or Regulatory agency, like the one that issues the Police Officer License.

This will not necessarily disqualify you from working as a Police officer. There may be a period for which you are banned from licensing, but then after it expires you would be eligible for a license, as long as felony theft is not disqualifying for the department where you intend to work.

2009-06-17 03:43:43 +0000
An expunged record means there is absolutely no record. If you think you can beat the polygraph then there is no way of them finding your record.

If you truly feel you'll be an honorable officer, go ahead and apply.

Of course, if they do somehow find out about your record, and you were caught lying, you just blew your chances for police work for a long time.. if not for life. A juvenile felony isn't an automatic disqualifier, so if you feel they may have a way of finding out your record, it'd be good to be straight forward to them about it. They would respect that.

It's all up to you. You make the decision.

2009-06-17 09:33:27 +0000
Every police agency states that they will not hire anyone who has been convicted of a felony. In your case, this happened when you were still a minor, not an adult, because you were under the age of 18. If you went through an attorney to have your record expunged, then you should be fine in my opinion, but do not withhold this information from the agency that you want to apply for. You still should be honest with. However, there is no simple yes or no if you will or won’t have a problem getting hired. A smaller department might refuse you; a larger department may accept you. It’s going to vary. However, here is how I look at it. You did something wrong - you learned your lesson and you won’t do it again. Now you want to become a cop. That tells me that you’ve decided what side of the law you want to be on. In my opinion that’s a very good thing. And while it is a felony, it is a very serious crime unlike a misdemeanor, but it’s a felony because of the dollar amount ($500). If it was something smaller, it would probably have been a misdemeanor. You haven’t killed anyone, nor have drove drunk or did something that could potentially kill someone. If I were the agency you were coming to work for that is EXACTLY how I would consider the facts. And I would probably hire you. And we always need new recruits. By the way you even wrote your question, sounds like you are pretty stable guy who knows what he wants.

Just be honest, you need to say what you were convicted of. If you hide it and they found out later then it shows you were not honest completely, and that might make them think, well if you weren’t honest here, you may not be honest as a police officer. So, be honest!! It goes a long ways.

And the last thing I want to say is this. No one is perfect. We all get into some type of trouble in our life. I’m only 22 years old, haven’t been in serious trouble. I’m actually thinking of taking the next civil service examination to become a PO.

I know cops that have been in trouble when they weren’t cops, and they became a cop after they got in trouble. When you get in trouble, you realize this is not the way you want the rest of your life to go. So, you are young, and trust me, you have a chance. Think positive man!

LOL - sorry I’m writing so bad - 5:32am here and I should be in bed.

2009-06-16 04:57:13 +0000
It could be an issue. The fact that you were convicted of a felony, and you must disclose that on your application, will most likely make a difference. It really bugs me that so many young people do something stupid once and they handicap themselves for life because of it. I wish more adults would start teaching kids about the consequences of their actions. I see so many good young people ruin their chances at a decent job with State, Federal and Local Government because of a screw-up they made years ago. Sad.

2009-06-17 11:33:48 +0000
I do not think it would be a problem since you have been "good" since the incident. I would not try to hide it and be forthright with the incident when asked. Make sure they know you feel it was due to being young, immature, etc. and you have grown up and learned your lesson.

2009-06-15 09:13:02 +0000
Ask your local Sheriff. Make an appointment and go and express your desire to be in law enforcement. You were a minor when it occured. You can also read your State Statute and Administrative Code to find the answer. There are a lot of cops that are crooks on the force today.

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