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Can a cop write you a ticket the day after the incodent?
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Can a cop write you a ticket the day after the incodent?

So my girlfriends little sister got caught drinking yesterday they didn't find any of the alcohol but she blew 0.02% in a BA and the cop said he's gonna charge her with MIC he didn't write the ticket though he said he'd come back and do it. So my question is is he just trying to scare her like a lot of cops do or can he really come back and charge her with MIC 2 days later for 0.02%?


2010-08-13 00:51:55 +0000
yes he can. i believe a police officer can write a ticket up to 30 days after the incident.

2010-08-13 02:35:28 +0000
1) Its illegal for any police agency in this country to have quotas...so u can get that out of your head.

2) Any anything over 0.00% is illegal and you can be given a ticket for the presence of an alcoholic beverage in your systyem under 0.08%. Also 0.08% is the legal limit for a DWI or whatever state u live in calls it.

3) If your girlfriend submitted to a BAC testing then all the information is recorded and saved. Most people believe that if you are arrested for DWI then you are booked in jail for the night. Not true for most states. If you have not been convicted of a DWI in the past 5 years then it is the officers discretion (your attitude and behavior) if he/she wants to book you or release you on traffic tickets for a later court date (and somone sober picks you up of course)

4) The officer does not have to give you any tickets if he does not choose. The BAC is to determine if you are over the legal limit, again 0.08%, but like i previously said in most states their are traffic citians for people who blow between 0.00% and 0.08%. He could of gave you a break or he could of have issues with his computer he writes his tickets on (which is what most departments use now) or printer is down (Ive had that happen numerous times). MEANING YOU WILL GET THEM IN THE MAIL AT A LATER DATE OR IN PERSON!!!

2010-08-13 01:34:23 +0000
He surely can and probably will. The statute of limitations on most misdemeanors is a year.

2010-08-13 01:23:17 +0000
In my state he has to write (and serve) the misdemeanor ticket within 18 months.

2010-08-13 00:44:11 +0000
He can come back a week later and charge her if he still has evidence and wishes to do so. There is no law that states you must be charged the moment they catch you doing the illegal act.

2010-08-13 02:16:34 +0000
Yes they can. A lot of people tend to be surprise about that specially when going to court to fight a ticket when an officer gave that person a break.

2010-08-13 00:44:05 +0000
No idea if he is trying to scare her but YES the officer can write a ticket the next day or after.

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