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Can a police officer enter a house with the suspicion of underage drinking?
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Can a police officer enter a house with the suspicion of underage drinking?

They had a complaint that a party was being held at a residence with multiple underage kids. When they responded to the residence they said they had witness kids running around inside but they would not open the door.
Additional Details
All the children were cited for underage drinking, which is bad enough, but is it really worth it to fight it, it is a summary offense in Pennsylvania, isn't it? Not that I condone it either, but I just worry about other repercussions.


Not To Serious
NO The cop use probable cause to justify all their ILLEGAL acts. Just because someone called the cops does not give the cops the right to come into your house.The next time this happens make them get a search warrant.As long as the copcan't see whats going on inside your house they have no right to enter it

You know probably not. Cops are not typically allowed to enter without a search warrent, however if they have reasonable suspician that a crime is occuring- perhaps. Cops break this law all the time though - the problem is - if they call you on it - they can just wait outside and arrest anyone who has been drinkng (who is under 21) and then if they find out someone has been drinking who is under 21 - then they could put out a warrent for the arrest of the person who owns the house.

I'm not totally sure about this though as I havent taken Crim Law yet.

If someone called them out their yeah they can enter.

Fuzzy Squirrel
Probably yes, Just as they have a right to enter a house looking for a burglar. But not to touch your property.

All I know is that here in Maryland a police officer cannot enter a residence without an invite or a warrent, unless by peering in the window sees someone that apprears to be unconscious. They can knock on the door and request to come in, but you have the right to say no.

volleyballchick (cowards block)
The police can enter with probable cause. And if the kids weren't hiding anything, why didn't they just let the cops in without the delay????

I believe for something to be "probable cause", the officers have to see something that would indicate a law was being broken. Kids running around isn't necessarily an indicator, even though it does set up some red flags to me. . .

California Street Cop
Let your parent's lawyer or your public defender deal with this one.

FVCK Y/A fu/y/a
If there is reasonable suspicion that a crime is in progress then a police officer can enter.

Yes, they can enter.

How about don't drink under age, or at least answer the door when the police come?

Yes, the police may enter the house.

If the police (1) believe that the underage children are engaged in criminal activity and (2) in possession of illegal substances, which includes alcohol in this case, and (3) can reasonably conclude that the contraband may be disposed of or destroyed before they can obtain a warrant, then a warrantless entry may be justified.

Songbyrd JPA ‚ú°
Yes they can. If they have probable cause that underage drinking is going on, and they see signs of it, they could have opened the door. If it was just kids running around, and not to loud, not they cannot just on the say so of a phone call.

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