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Can a police officer question a minor without parents approval? If so then can they force them to sign papers?
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Can a police officer question a minor without parents approval? If so then can they force them to sign papers?



kids don't have any clue what there rights are. and cops know this. that way they extract info from the little beasts by scaring the piss out of them 1st. after there pull ups are wet,they start 2 talk 2 police. and confess 2 what ever. it's illegal 4 the pigs 2 do this.

NO well it depends on if their in a situation and they need answers right then and there. (ie: parks, schools) But I guess it would also depend on the age on the minor.

redd headd
They can ask general questions but not interrogate a minor, and they can not have a minor sign anything that would be used against the minor.

No to both questions...the law states that a parent or guardian most be present when questioning a minor

absolutly not.
The parents can then charge the officer with abusing the child

No , they are not supposed to. But they use deception to get confessions. If you have signed or said anything, you might have some trouble. Get a GOOD laywer, and try to fight it.

Absolutely not. This is a violation of his rights and protection because he/she is a minor. This could be considered abusive. The minor has rights to legal counsel and the parents being present.



In USA absolutely not. They leave themselves open for abuse of a minor charges and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is such blatant abuse of power that an apology is never appropriate. You must bring charges and hold to them all the way to the supreme court if necessary as this person is a danger to society and should never be In a position of power.

It is non-necessary.

Lil Gal
They can question a minor as much as they want and ask them to sign something, but nothing that they say or sign is valid without an attorney present or their parents' permission.

Just like Chuck said, nearly all of you are mistaken. There is no law forbidding a police officer from questioning a minor without his parents, whether asking "regular" questions or interrogating them for a crime.

Approval is not required in many states but then again the minor does not have to answer.

I'm not sure if it's required but no one should sign ANYTHING without someone who understands it explaining it to them.

Sorry it appears many are answering from what they see on TV police shows.

Things will vary from state to state somewhat. But yes police can question a minor without the parents there. This happens at the scene of the crime, by school resourse officers all the time.

Police do not force anyone to sign, but they can ask them to sign a statement, not force but ask.

The short answer is...yes, but in what way are you asking.

If a cop sees a 10 year old on the street lost are they not allowed to talk to him? Of course they can so Yes a minor can be questioned.

If your talking about criminal questioning it depends laws vary from state to state and city to city. If I am at the sence of a crime and their is a minor present I can question them the my hearts content. They don't have to answer but I can ask.

However in many cases a cop who is conducting a criminal investigation can being a minor in to talk to them without parents present. They have the same rights as anyone else (lawyer, right to remain silent) but I am not required by law to have the parents present.

So yes police can question a minor without the parents there.

It occurs every days at crime scenes, by school resourse officers and beat cops.

Also a cop can ask minor to sign anything. Most commonly a miranda rights waiver. This is tricky but courts have upheld that minors can sign, they can also refuse.

Michael E
No, they can't and shouldn't, a legal guardian of a minor MUST be present upon most questionings and arrests even, unless that minor has committed a felony act that is still technically "fresh evidence" (shooting someone in front of a police officer for example)

The only thing to this, is just like how civilians are privy to police officers to withhold information and be sneaky, officers can be just as sneaky, minors are required to have a guardian around, but police officers are not entitled to make the minor aware of this, and any information given freely, is just that, given freely.

*Edit* My mistake, as chuck said, the laws have changed, the reason i answered on this is because,when i was younger, I was incident directly to one of these questionings AND arrest, in which the officer was reprimanded, and susequently demoted, do to actions of questioning AND arresting me without prior consent from a guardian or school official. Best bet is, as I said before, be aware that police can still be sneaky, they arent entitled to tell a child anything he NEEDS to know, they will tell him he/she can sign a waiver, but they WON'T tell them that they have the right to refuse to sign as well, and will do their best to scare a child into submission even, I say this having been subject to it when I was younger. Make sure your children are taught well and undersant their rights to the law.

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