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Can a warrant for misdemeanors go out of state, if so can you get arrested out of state for it?
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Can a warrant for misdemeanors go out of state, if so can you get arrested out of state for it?


They can and will at the first sign that you are trouble; Hell I'm wanted in more states than Jessie James was when they killed him And in some even by the police.

if u got arrested anywhere it will come up on ur record.but being that its just a misdemeanor,they wont come n get you.but if u get pulled over in the state where the warrant is out on u... then yes they can arrest you...in some states they have statue of limitations n some dont have statue of limitations.so u need to check the state n see if they have a statue of limitations.if they dont.... be careful if u plan to visit that state again.

i have a misdemeanor warrant from wisconsin, got turned in in alabama and wisconsin would not come and get me. dont know about other states

Derek B
Depending on their grading, misdemeanors usually are extraditable from surrounding states.
If someone is stopped and found to be wanted by another state the police will take that person into custody.
They will send what is called a "Hit Confirmation" to the custodial police department.
The police department that has him in custody will prepare charges called "Fugitive from Justice"
He will be brought before a judge and incarcerated until they come and pick him or her up from the state that wants him.

It all depends on how badly that jurisdiction wants you. The warrant has probably been submitted to NCIC so everytime your name is run it will 'hit'. You will probably taken into custody until they find out if the jurisdiction that issued the warrant will extradite you. Some states will purge misdemeanor warrants after a period of three years but again, that would depend on who issued your warrant.

Save yourself a hassle - take care of it.

Misdemeanors can go out of state, as far as getting arrested out of state, yes you can if stopped by the police and they run your name and fingerprints and you have a warrant out for your arrest.

If you have no warrant but had a case where it was solved but was a misdemeanor case, it will always follow you where ever you go.

yes of course a warrant is a warrant and valid anywhere in the US. What happens is if and when you are stoped for something else the warrant shows up. So the officer holds you and they contact the state where the warrant is from, then that state decides if they are going to pay to have you brought back. If they will pay for it, you will be arrested and they will start the procedure to send you back. If the other state does not want to pay right now, you will be let go, but the warrant will stay active and this will happen every time you are ever stoped. We used to get people like that all the time. Most times the other states would not pay for minor stuff, but if the states are close to each other, then they would take them. Or if the agency with the warrant really hates you.

Most States have what is called "surrounding States" warrant. That means if you have a warrant outstanding in, lets say Georgia... "they" will come for you in South Carolina, Florida and Alabama... The States that border the State holding the warrant... 10-4 ?

The warrant will show up on an NCIC check, if it was entered by the jurisdiction from which it was issued. A lot of courts don't enter misdemeanor warrants, and most do not extradite from out of state. Depends on the nature of the crime and the closeness to the issuing jurisdiction.
Example: Failure to pay a speeding ticket in Florida, and you are in Oregon. No extradition.
Domestic Battery in Mississippi, and you are in Louisiana, they may come and get you.

i have a misdemenor warrant in ga .. i now live in colorado .. if i was stopped would it even show up.. and would they extradite me ..

I am wanted in virginia on a misdemoenor charge of failing to report to jail i am in fl if i am picked up in fl will they send me back to virgina

alot of u guys are way wrong i own a soliciting company and for the past year i been traveling state to state and deal with cops almost daily with people just getting skeptical with some dude walking through their neighborhood knocking on doors ive had my name run in every state but georgia which is where my misdemeanor warrants are out of.. unless its a felony they wont go out of state for you and in most states they will only go up to like 100 miles away from jurisdiction in the actual state

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