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Can i still get my driver license if i have warrants???
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Can i still get my driver license if i have warrants???

well im not sure if its a warrant kus with my recent warrants i got letter in the mail saying that i have em but i havent got a letter yet

last year i got in a fight @ school & got kicked out with a ticket ....but i never set up a court date or checked up on it to see how much it was...soo do i got a warrant??

& also if i try to go up to the county to try to set up a court date about that ticket...will they take me to jail??


2008-08-26 05:12:22 +0000
u just go right a head get ur license. the police will thank you for being so dumb

2008-08-26 05:44:07 +0000
I would suggest calling the city or county where your tickets were issued and asking them if you have current/active warrants. If you do then, you are still able to go to the DMV and get your license it will just depend on whether they arrest you before or after you get your photo taken!! Otherwise, you need to make arrangements and clear up the warrants prior to getting your license.

2008-08-26 05:05:46 +0000
you can get a restricted license with warrants out.

they won't notify you if they have a warrant out for you.

and if you set up official court dates, they shouldn't arrest you.

2008-08-27 04:55:11 +0000
I'm not sure with the whole warrants and a drivers license, I know they can't arrest you if you are setting up a court date cause i've had to do that. You probably do have a warrant cause you didn't take care of your ticket and you may or may not get a notice and you didn't but that doesn't mean you don't have a warrant cause that happened to me. I had a warrant but got nothing in the mail.

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