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Can the police be prosecuted for not doing their job right?
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Can the police be prosecuted for not doing their job right?

If the police refuse to respond to requests for protection as in the case of Fiona Pilkington would the police be liable to prosecution by a member of the family when it leads to someones death?
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Yes i can perfectly accept that the police are not expected to be bodyguards(except in many cases of protecting the likes of the family that hounded the Pilkingtons). I dont expect that Fiona Pilkington would have been entitled to 24 hour care just because she struggled to get by in such an uncaring world. What she was entitled to was some degree of police concern, even a patrol car showing itself now and then and a word with the yobs. At least it would have been something. Is that too much to ask? Obviously it was!


Its strange how people in this country believe that the police are there to protect them 24/7.
What isn't strange is the way questions like this always attract morons with single minded opinions.
The simple truth is that we are all responsible for our own safety. Society has crumbled somewhat of late and people seem to want to blame the police every time something bad happens. People walk past robberies in the street, I see people refuse to give statements every day because they don't want to get involved. Neighbours rarely stand by other neighbours to help each other. If the public don't want to help each other then what chance do the police have.
Some people on here honestly believe that the police should be protecting people like Fiona Pilkington 24/7. If she was that needy, then she should have been in 24 hour care.
Life is tougher these days, if you want to blame someone, stand in front of the mirror and take a long hard look at yourself, can you sleep well? I know I can. Will you put your money where your mouth is and step up to the mark? I know I did.

Baron F'ken Angry
The police can commit cold-blooded murder then tell all sorts of lies to cover their tracks and get away with it.

There is one law for them and one law for everybody else.

They'll get away with being useless, bone idle gits and allowing that dreadful incident to happen without having to answer to anybody.

Crimes are defined by the state legislatures. I don't know of any legislature that has made it a crime to fail to respond to a request for protection. Every department has limited manpower and no department can respond to every request for services that they get. Furthermore, there is no private criminal prosecution in the u.s., The decision to use taxpayer money to seek a criminal conviction is made by the DA, not by victims or witnesses.

Yes, they would be 'liable', it won't happen though.

riga mortice
The police police the police, so what do you think

Mad Max
Carswoody is a disgrace to the Queen's uniform. I was right when I called him an arrogant s**t. Of course the Police should be prosecuted for failing in their Stautory Duty, but it will never happen. They are immune for wrongdoings.

Lady Justice
They'll probably end up going to court and then be found not guilty. Typical!

I would like to hope so, but I cannot, at the moment, think of that many successful prosecutions brought against the police for this kind of case.


The Pilkingtons had carers.

One of those asking for help was one of the carers.

Come on everyone. give him a thumbs down for playing with the facts.

Nothing new there for a police officer.

first you have to prove they failed in their duty
the fact is that there must be thousands of threats made every week if the police had to give every person that was told they where going to be killed 24 hour guard it would cost billions
they have to look at every case on its own and judge how real that threat is
don't forget that all kinds of people say things at the heat of the moment its bound to happen sooner or later that some one some where will carry the threat out
you cant blame the police you have to lay the blame on the attacker

Joan K
The family could take out a Private Prosecution, but it would cost a fortune unless a solicitor does it for free, I know I would. The Chief Constable should be held liable for these failures and the CPS should damn well prosecute him.

Edit I am ashamed of carswoody he's always telling us to get our facts right.

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