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Can you become a police officer with felony's?
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Can you become a police officer with felony's?

If you happen to have 3 B felony's and 12 D felony's, would there be any chance that you could get into the police force? This is a serious question by the way. Has anyone seen judge mathis? He had convictions before and is now a judge.

Any help would be great.


2009-12-20 21:48:56 +0000
No, felons can not possess firearms. Besides someone with that many felonies demonstrates a massive disrespect for the law and has a obvious lack of good judgment.

2009-12-20 21:53:16 +0000
The Police is probably one of the strictest career paths when it comes to having a criminal record, so no, having those felonies bars you from joining the Police.


2009-12-20 21:50:50 +0000
Generally speaking, no, a felony conviction would preclude you being hired as a police officer even if you had the needed training. Judge Mathis is beside the point. You be an attorney and therefore be appointed as a judge with convictions, but that wasn't your question.

2009-12-20 22:00:26 +0000
15 felonies? HAHAHAHAAAH. That would have been a no by the 2nd felony.

2009-12-20 21:48:32 +0000
a criminal record doesn't stop a person from becoming a judge but the police force has hiogher standards and a criminal record is definitely a detriment to getting into the force.

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