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Could someone tell me what can a Police officer could do & can NOT do or ask you when you get pull over?
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Could someone tell me what can a Police officer could do & can NOT do or ask you when you get pull over?

Hi I was riding my bicycle on my way to work & a police car pull me over & it was 4:30pm. I get off my bicycle & I ask the 2 police officer "Hi why I am stop"? Then 1 police officer he tells me "put your hands on the car". Then he made me put my hands back of my head & he search me & also took of my wallet to check my ID. He told me where I was going,were I was born,were I live, & so on.

The police officer he told me the reason why I got stop is because, I WAS RIDING MY BICYCLE ON THE LEFT SIDE INSTEAD OF RIGHT SIDEWALK? I told him that there is no such thing of law of that & there is NO SIGNS that a bike rider must ride his bicycle on the right side walk. He ignore me & he let me go WITH NO TICKET?


Did you see a badge, get the officers names, or liscense plate?? If i were you, I'd file a complaint with the local police department. i believe that they CAN pull you over for not riding in the bike lane, but to- harass you and make you put your hands over your head, while they search you, thats a little uncalled for. I'd definately consider filing a complaint.

Chris N.
I would be getting on the phone, calling the police station and just to make sure ALSO call the county or city and file a complant. If you really wanted to, get on the phone and call the state.

NO POLICE OFFICER IS ALLOWED TO SEARCH YOU WITHOUT CAUTIONING YOU FRIST. In scots law, its under the common caution, pretty much the same in england...you have the right to remain silent, anything you do say though may be used against you.
The police officer should NOT have searched you.
He should have merely told you to change sides of the road. You dont get a ticket for being on the wrong side.

anything they want to.

omg thats crazy they searched you and everything??? that doesnt sound like a logical story because i mean they can't do that without reason, but yes u have to ride on the right side of the street, it is a law although it's not really inforced, wow

just me
he was bored and wanted to screw you over.

damn pigs.

doreena t
Can't tell you, if I do not know where it was that you got pulled over. Sorry :(

The Great Gazoo
They can ask you anything they want to but you don;t have to answer.

but if you don;t answer that gives them reason to take you in.

dels replies
Load of bollocks isnt it ...

they probably got a call about someone that looked like you, or maybe they thought you were McLovin

Suck it yahoo answers
actually you are supposed to ride your bike on a certain side of the sidealk. i am not sure what side it is though or if it is a actually law.
they are perfectly within there limits to search you at any time as long as they tell you they are going to do so.

you have to remember that the things they do may seem unfair but it is only for there protection. officers run into alot if crazy people and for all they knoew you could have had a ak47 shoved down your pants(thay was a little joke)

Not sure where you are at, but here in the U.S. bicycles MUST observe traffic rules and for example, here in Arizona the revised statutes state that bicycles MUST ride with TRAFFIC, to as far right as possible and NOT against traffic.

The cop was using what I would consider way too much force for the stop, but again, all a cop needs is 'probable cause' to frisk you, and by breaking a traffic rule, you gave him probable cause.

I would think that he should just have given you a verbal warning telling you to ride WITH traffic in the proper directions.

You can complain to the local police station, if you remember the cop's name who stopped you.

Remember, IGNORANCE of the law is no excuse. There are bicycle RULES of the road and should be observed when riding.

you do not have to do anything!!!!!

people will boo me for this (have at it), but trust me it is your rights.

you do not have to submit to breathalysers, field sobriety tests, anything. If you are ever harassed or told to do something you dont want to have them take you straight to jail, call your lawyer, and you will be out that night. Many times you wont even need to call a lawyer.....you can sign out on a signature bond. but at any rate.....

Your case sounds extremely odd. He had no probable cause to search you..........sounds a little corrupt to me. But i think the whole damn system is corrupt.

Your legally not supposed to be riding on the sidewalk anyway. Street only. Just be happy he didn't give you a ticket and forget about it.

Actually it is a law that when riding a bike you are supposed to go with traffic, not against it.

There sure are rules as to what side of the road to ride your bike on.!!! Moron

Also, you didn't have to answer any of his questions.

Buzz Killington
I've never heard of such a law that tells which side of the sidewalk you can ride on, and on what direction. It's probably a local law in your city.

If a cop stops you you should ALWAYS stay where you're at and DON'T MOVE! The police will see any movement suspicious. They may think you have a weapon on you, or you may assault them. Just be courtesy with them, and be respectful and resonable with your questions.

Actually, there are laws for travel on public roads. Bicycles are required to travel WITH traffic, not against it.

Once he has "probable cause" to stop you (you were in violation of something), he can demand your I.D. evaluate your sobriety, and a whole bunch of other things.

As to why you didn't get a ticket... Your fine would not have covered the court's costs, and the "improper use of a roadway" (or however it's worded where you live), isn't really a serious offense.

Always remember. Be polite to people who carry guns as part of their job. Stand up straight, answer their questions respectfully, and keep your mouth shut. Don't argue.

You will stay out of jail and away from courts and lawyers, and live a long, happy life with no bullet holes.

Ken M
well it's something you learn in the 2nd grade, if you riding your bike with traffic you have to do so with the flow of traffic. when your on the road you are considered a vehicle and have to follow the same rules ie: traffic lights turn signals, stop signs

That's very strange for them to do so without probable cause. Perhaps you fit the description of someone or look pretty shady and did it for their protection. Normally they would have asked for some ID without frisking you for it. Perhaps they were hoping for a drug bust. Sounds like the reason was a lame excuse.

free spirit
Yes there are LAWS stating which side of the street is legal to ride a bike! At least in the US.

they can not walk up to you and shoot you in the head for no reason.....they can do just about anything else they want to and just to let you know...here in America bicycle rules are the same as car rules of the road so you need to learn the laws before you tell a police officer whats legal or not..good luck

The stop was legitimate, you have to ride with the flow of traffic, and actually its illegal to ride on the sidewalk. (Youre the first person Ive ever heard of getting stopped for it though). The rest is speculative. I generally tell people right off the bat why I stopped them, but there is no obligation to. The ID checlk was legal, and the search was probably pushing the limit, but I dont know exactly what was said.

Little advice for the future, if youre going to argue that the law doesnt exist, then make sure it doesnt exist.

While I doubt your story is telling the entire truth, there is nothing in your story that violates law. Without knowing where you were riding your bike it is impossible to say if there is or is not a law as they quoted.

He can't ask if you are literate and if you graduated from the government school system!

You were riding your bike on the wrong side of the road? Believe it or not, that really is against the law.

Bicycles are vehicles and, unless there is a special bike lane, they are expected to drive on the same side of the street with automotive traffic, and not on the opposite side or on the sidewalk.

It sounds like the cop cut you a break for not citing you for driving on the wrong side of the road.

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