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Dating a police officer
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Dating a police officer

Has anyone here ever dated a police officer? If so, did you have a good relationship or were there problems due to their nature of work, schedule, etc.?

If you are a police officer, do you ever find it hard to date someone who isn't in your field?

I'm just curious. Doing research for graduate school...
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I will say that I think it would be hard to have a relationship if you didn't understand the criminal justice field itself. It can sometimes be EXTREMELY stressful, high energy, and mind blowing at times....


damond h
I dated a police officer for about 6 months... Problem with most of them is they are drunks.. which made me a drunk. It was good for a little bit, but then I guess it wasn't meant to be, had to let her go.

Jim B
why would you want to date a police officer?

There are so many women wanting to bed them why do you think you're something special.

If you're looking to have fun then go for it, if you're looking for a relationship then stay away.

I am a police officer and I have dated police officers, 1 of which was a long term. It didn't work out. I hated that all we seemed to talk about was police work. I'm the type of person that when I leave work, work stays at work. Home is home time. The hours were difficult to deal with because shifts are opposite and days off too. I ended up marrying someone outside of the field, which has made me much happier. The only downside is that my husband doesn't understand what I go through as a police officer. He understands the risks and he knows that my job isn't always physicaly demanding, but doesn't understand how mentally demanding and challenging it is.

As far as the 1st person said about drinking: all cops are not drunks. I don't drink at all, just never have, really. And I work with a lot of cops who don't drink either.

As a police officer...I would never want to date another police officer. We would never be able to escape our jobs and that would be all we had to talk about. You can do a "ride along" with the officer that you are dating if you wanted to learn a little about their job. It is hard for police officers to have successful relationships due to their job and stresses...but not impossible. Some agencies even offer a class/lecture to explain to significant others why officers have a hard time in relationships and the stresses that officers don't share with others.

In response to the first person's answer: most police officers are not drunks.

Many police officers have difficult relationships due to their highly stressful job. They are over-worked and under-paid. Add that to the idiotic people that they have to deal with, and yeah, their cup can overflow a little bit and the relationship might be a little rocky.

But if you love a person enough, you should be able to stick with that person through thick and thin.

Curious question with some even more curious answers. I am a police offficer in a defacto relationship with a police officer, we have daughter together. No problems with alcohol or infidelity so far and we've been together 8 years.

I've known plenty of cops to date and even marry other cops .... there is a high divorce rate but that is more to do with personal stresses and the usual marital issues, none specific to policing.

Marie M
I didn't have a problem with the nature of the work or the schedule. I got tired of the "we" v. "them" mentality. Everyone was a "dirtbag" or other not-so-nice word. Most of the cops I was friends with (not all), thought that they were above the law because of their profession.

Coming from a family of police officers my opinion is not a good one, but an honest one. Most Police Officers through my experience take their uniform to extreme, the young girls think it is cool therefore flirting all the time, all the police officers I have known have been nothing but runarounds. so if you want to date a police officer just be very careful and don't expect to be the only one. "Remember they are in the public eye and see many of woman every day.

Pagan Queen
I disagree with number one.

All Police officers are not drunks. As a retired 9-1-1 Dispatcher most of my life I will say it is a high stress job. Usually a Police Officer dates someone who can relate to the career and shift work and high stress.

The same as Military wives. Usually someone that knows what to expect

There are many conflicts due to the hours worked, forced overtime etc. I married a child abuse investigator, so heading home and talking about my day is nice because we understand the issues we had to deal with.

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