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Do you trust your local law enforcement? Why or Why Not?
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Do you trust your local law enforcement? Why or Why Not?


l believe they have an important role in our Society but as in any occupation you have some good and competent law enforcement officers and some pretty poor ones.
In the States the Police in the main are more highly trained than my Country and l am not a Third World Country.
There is a vast difference between the different branches of law enforcement and l have little sympathy for incompetent Traffic police who hand out fines at random for trivial issues which could be resolved with a warning.
Being and ex criminal lawyer l can assure you that you will find not many of the Legal Profession has much faith in some law enforcement personnel as it is so easy to rattle them so to speak on the witness stand,l am not talking of the highly qualified forensic people who you have to also bunch into the law enforcement category but the ordinary policeman when giving evidence sounds like someone who has learned off a speech and as soon as that person is sidetracked they normally fail to preform as good witnesses,l know l am generalizing but my experience with the law enforcement has been through the Court system,the occasional cry for help when there has b een a raging party at 3am and no-one comes to assist and many many people who l have met complaining of unfair speeding fines.Our speed cameras in my Country have been challenged in Court and found in the main to be faulty hence many escaped fines.
Personally l have seen police speed without their lights and sirens on which is an infringement of the Law and a danger to other drivers.
On occasion and actually on more than one occasion there have been many incidents of too much force used by police in situations which of course are volatile and video evidence has proved that in many instances the police actually initiated assaults not demonstrators.Look at the riot in Los Angeles many years ago when someone was shot with no just cause and the police were seen to be in the wrong and nothing was done.If you are hispanic or of African descent in the States you will rarely get adequate justice certainly not in the Southern States still.In my Country it is the same with Aborigines who am am not claiming are blameless but heavy handedness by police in certain States like Qld,W.A.
Personally l would like the Police better trained,taught anger management,public relations and how to deal with uncomfortable situations.
l respect the Law as a law abiding citizen,never had a speeding ticket al though have deserved one or two in my lifetime but am so angered By the lack of compassion amongst many law officers but than l am only selection the minority not majority.
Abuse of any job is common and of course it happens in law enforcement.
Example:l got locked in my front bedroom of my house years ago as the know and bolt fell onto the other side,being alone and having no one to call for help as family not home and dogs outside that room in the House l was not prepared to wait 8 hours stuck in a room so luckily had a phone in there and rang the fire brigade to come and let me out as could not get out the window.The Police turned up in no time flat and demanded to know my name and age,l rarely swear but l said'None of your B... business l am hardly a burglar stuck in someones from bedroom 'at which point they said they could get through the front or back door which had dead locks plus 4 very very angry dogs who would have ripped their arms off,When l told them that they disappeared in a great hurry but the fire brigade saved the day,got me out of the window and fixed the window before leaving.l sent them a donation of a large homemade chocolate cake and no it did not cost any money.
When l studied Law at University we had two part time policeman also studying and guess what the one subject they failed and they were only studying two,was CRIMINAL LAW.If they do not understand our laws who does and this also included basic criminal law as it was the first year.
Much is shown on cable of how good the FBI or CIA or other agencies really are,but how many people really believe all this promotion.
l have no respect for the CIA knowing full well as most people how they dabble in other Countries politics look at Chile.The FBI is not far b ehind.J.Edgar Hoover was a megalomaniac who wanted Absolute power wa tried to got rid of And they did not succeed.
Finally l admire the ordinary policeman who is hard working does his job and is devoted to law enforcement DO not admire or respect the rotten apples who have a little power and flout the law to suit their petty ambitions or power mania but happily they are or should be in the minority.

Mr. P
When they are your Co-Workers, you generally tend to no?

My brother was a detective in homicide dept, in Baltimore for 17 years they paid him to go to the bars undercover looking for murderers. He became an alcoholic from this, seeing so many gruesome deaths, from chopped up people in barrels and worse.
Some police in Baltimore and all cities are crooked, my brother refused to be on the take and they moved my brother who was a detective for 15 years out to the Industrial area where the crime was light he stayed two more years then quit.
He was a good cop gave people breaks. 1 year later he died of cancer. I feel they were the blame for his death. But I have to admit I have been given breaks from police in other cities, so not all police are bad I do believe in a lot of states the laws are unfair to all people and the officers are just following the law.

Coby [10/15/10<3] [DA, RA]

I mean, they do an ok job. But one time they were this close to issuing an amber alert, but they found the kid in a closet, sleeping.
And the mayor and stuff isnt good
They dont give the right punishments...

Ok so maybe I dont XD

Precious Gem
Great question. I do trust my local law enforcement because
after Hurricane Katrina they were out there doing an
impossible job. They were spread thin because of reduced
ranks and in spite of their own troubles they still looked after
everyone else in their community. They did their best to keep everyone safe. Yes, I will always give two thumbs up for our local law enforcement. They deserve it.

Lothian and Borders along with the rest of the Scottish Police are the most Professional Forces in Britain..... of course I trust them.

Laird C
Generally, yes. They live where they work (local law requires this), and they can't afford to not be trust-worthy to the locals. Then, there's this REALLY large university in town, and all these international corporate HQs... They don't dare get stupid with out-of-towners, either, because that would come back to haunt not only the business and university communities, but also the state coffers, too.

I've seen em' dealing with disruptive students, and they're the very soul of 'reasonable and polite.' Firm, and no BS, but reasonable and polite. Hell, I've dealt with them myself, and found them to be courteous and honest.

Gepind R
law enfOrcement in naturE is truly trUsted but what we dOn't trust if cOps fOrgOt there dutiEs and respOnsibilities. sOmetimes they tend tO be bias and and get dumb they shOuld observe prOfessiOnilisM and dOn't wait till' the crOOks just passes away in there eyes. Be a pOliceman Man nOt a croOks.

II trust the law because it keeps us safe each and every day.

I teach law enforcement officers ethics and other courses. Some of them are THE most honorable people I have ever encountered. Like any other profession, they have racists, nit pickers, and bullies, but the are in the minority.

Sage counsel when stopped: Pull completely off the road, leave your lights on (if night), shut off the engine, have your drivers license in your hand with the interior light on, (if night), window down and both hands on top of the steering wheel. Be polite, even respectful, and of course, honest. If you try to lie your way (or bat your eyes) out of a ticket, it really annoys some officers. 99% will return your respect and courtesy. Some may even let you go for being honest.

If you ever get mad at the police, think about what it would be like if they were not there.


I guess.

I've never had a personal experience with any of the policemen or anything, but they did once come and get a homeless drunk that had passed out on my front lawn to go away LOL.

no... something bad will be happening rite in front of them and they wont even notice... our law enforcement is a piece of $h!t

Gloria A
Sometimes, I saw a police given a ticket to this poor guy who was trying to make a living and 2 or 3 block there some punk selling drug.

yes, nobody else can

no. they chased a car full of kids till they wrecked and almost killed my 2 daughters who were passengers. they are not a smart bunch!

yes i live in a small boro they take care of small things but if you live out of the boro you have the psp are really good

|â–’â–’Kebert Xelaâ–’â–’|
I fully trust my department, but there are a couple departments around here that truely are politically corrupt/lazy.

I live in such a small town that there really isn't a 'local' law enforcement.

The town where I attend school, though...goodness, no. The city park is a complete mess and unsafe for children because of all the drug addicts (high schoolers) who hang there and leave syringes and the like around--right across the *street* from the police station!

I understand there are good and bad eggs, but with some things..come on.

Bindi *No such thing as 100% R+*
Not really.

Unless a crime involves drugs they don't seem to care.

People who work for the city appear to be exempt from city laws.

They are a bit lacking in the common sense area.

I live on one of the busy roads in town and have had to call them here for a couple reasons. Each time they say I can't possibly live where I say live because that address is on the other side of town. Dispatch ends up having the officer call me so I can give him directions to my house.

The kicker in all this, if I look out my kitchen window guess what I'm looking at? That's right the POLICE STATION. I sit and watch them messing around in their garages all the time but they can't find my house. From my house it goes empty lot, armory, police station. You'd think I'd feel safer living pretty much next door to the police station, funny they drive by here all the time going to and from the station.

I've also witnessed them not be able to find a missing kid who was literally sitting next to them. The call came over the radio, they described the kid to the T. They slowly get up "Ugh I spose we better go look for the kid." The kid stands up "I'm right here, I'll just go home." When they asked him where he lived he said by the bowling alley. One officer was like "What bowling alley, we don't have a bowling alley." *headdesk* (yes we really do have a bowling alley)

chally ann
why not

Not really.

They pull people over for minor infractions (failure to turn off brights within 100 feet of an oncoming car), but do nothing about larger problems.

At the end of my street, there is another driveway across the road. The road has white lines on the sides of it, and people will pass on the right, to the point that if someone were in the driveway, they would get smashed. It's illegal to do that. The cops sit at the end of my street, see this numerous times, and do nothing (and I KNOW they see it, because I've had 3 pass me on the right while waiting to turn onto my road, with a cop car sitting there).

like with any job out there there will be good or bad people. you can't single out the entire career of law itself just for a few bad/crooked cops.

yes there are a lot of morons that are cops-but there are an equal number if not more good ones.

don't hate everyone just because of your bad exp.

Jim Bob

they've been busted doing shady things.

Jessica M
For the most part, yes. But in any job there is always going to be people that do it, but not their best ability. So, you can expect good and bad people with this profession. When I need them I feel safe to call and am prepared for anything.

Yes I have had moments when I was angry with police, but that was because of a few of them that enjoyed abusing peoples rights.

I have learned though that there are good and bad in all walks of life.

Some of them.Because i know a lot of them from doing volunteer work.Some just have no clue what being a cop is really about.

bethany g
In order to answer this question I think we all need to ask ourselves to imagine our lives without the police. When something goes wrong the first person we think to call would be the police. When we are in danger who do we call? The police.
LIfe would not have any type of order without the local police departments. It has been proved that when police departments cut back on officers because of financial reasons or natural disasters that crime goes up, accidents happen and that cities suffer.
A person can say that they do not trust a police department because of one or two incidents that have happened or that were not handled correctly but.....I bet those same people would call 911 if in danger.

There are bad, lazy and corrupt people in any and all fields but that doesn't mean that we should not trust our local law enforcement because of one or two of these people. I give my SJPD a "10" for taking care of me and my family.

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