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Does a failed drug test stay on your record?
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Does a failed drug test stay on your record?

I am planning to become a doctor, will a failed drug test stay on my record and anyhow prevent this?


i hope not.
but its not the end of the world.
keep on keeping on bra.

Here's a way to prevent it. Don't do drugs!


its mee
you have to ask an authority about this, i'll bet he or she is the only one to prevent it

Halos' War
Pretty much... yeah it does stay on permanent life record...

but if you can stop doing and not get "warped" & "addicted" by drugs, then you can most likely become a docter.

but if still cant get over it in college, then your in for h***! =)

Ray C
If you were under 18 you can get it taken off, if you were over 18 it probably won't be on your record for more than 4 years so you are safe

Depends on who it was doing the test. If it was law enforcement then yes. If not, then check with somebody who SHOULD know. Don't take BS unless it is law or medical.

♥ яє∂нєα∂ ♥
I'm pretty sure it does. DON'T DO DRUGS.

jim crow
not to sure about this one.

onethingatatime (:
if u failed a drug test it means ur doing drugs DUH. and it prob will be on your record but u wont be a doctor anyway cause u will be too assumed in ur nasty drugs

Yes just don't do drugs

timbo ^^~
yes. a drug test from school? than yes

a drug test from the docs? yes

a drug test from a stranger? no way

no one wants there doc to be on drugs . if you messed up ok find a way around it make up for your mistake and dont do them again

what record?

it might...and you can prevent it by not doing drugs...

David B
depends what the drug test was for, if it was for a previous or future employer, no they can't give out that information, it's private and protected under HIPPA, if it's a legal thing such as probation, then it would be a violation and completely disclosable

As in a drug test from a previous employer or medical files that show you used drugs....No, it will be in that employers file, and your medical records, but it is against the law according to HIPAA, to disclose this information to anyone with out your consent.

On the other hand, if you were required by law to take a drug test, for probation or something, and you fail, then yes it will be on your criminal record.

You should know all about HIPAA if you are going to become a doctor...

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