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How can i get my child back from CPS??
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How can i get my child back from CPS??

My son was tooken away from me due to child abandonment charges, in which were false, i fainted in an apartment complex due to blood loss after miscarriage and anemia. When i woke my son which is 2 was gone, 30 minutes later i found out the office picked him up and called the police for child abandonment. I'm on house arrest, and one year probation for a Felony 2. And CPS put my son in foster care, and his granparents can't have custody. PLEASE HELP!!

Im in Texas...
Additional Details
Positive i'm telling the truth. Yes i have documents from the hospital that i had a miscarraige, and that i was anemic, no i didnt go to the hospital when i passed out i went to jail for child abandonment. As far as grandparents no criminal records. Yes he is beautiful he is biracial though.


Sounds like you have an act to clean up. CPS doesn't take children lightly.

First of all it sounds like you are telling half the story. What's up with the felony ? Drugs ????? Maybe your son is better off with CPS. Do every thing the Judge tells you to do. And every thing your case worker tells you to do. And by all means get off the dope. Then after all this maybe you will get your son back. Then you can go back to the drugs. And start all over, only next time you might not get him back. Good luck

Are you for real!

sha g
dammm i couldnt imagine my kids taken from me,i feel for you,but the only advice i can give is hire you a goooood lawyer,your story doesnt sound like its the whole truth,just wondering if you passed out, how the hell did cps come into your house and just take your child,and if they called the police why didnt the police track you down to find out who the child belongs too,so if you did have a miscarriage then there shoulda been blood everywhere hmmmm?

if your telling the truth good luck i lived in the ses pool of the us Lynn Massachusetts my wife had our son at home just fell out ambulance came went to hospital our son was OK they couldn't believe our story that he just came out so they called DDS and took our son my wife and i don't drink don't do drugs and owned a 2 family home and both worked they took him for no reason it took 7 months to get him back we lost everything in the fight now we live in las Vegas Nevada keep fighting ill say a prayer for you

Go to treatment and get clean from alcohol and drugs. Move into a halfway house so that you can be monitored 24/7 for a period of time to document that you have changed your life. Go to NA/AA meetings, get a sponsor, and get your slip signed at least 7 times a week. You can go to legal aid to get a lawyer for free then that will listen to your story and believe you. This is what works nowadays, if it's not worth your child then the child is gone. It's your choice.

Depending on the state, the agency will attempt to place your child with a fit relative (no criminal background, prior CPS history, and various other screenings for appropriateness in caring for the child), and will formulate a plan for reunification. Most states are now mandating their agencies to attempt to place the child with relatives, but to ultimately plan to reunify the child with the child's parents (unless it is determined that the child cannot safely be placed back in his/her parents' home). In reponse to one of the people who answered this earlier: having the best judge does not necessarily mean that the judge will give custody back to the parent(s). The best judge will have the child's best interest at heart. The best parent will also have the child's best interest at heart, being honest and complying with the agency. Also, the agency is not looking to "screw you over". The agency's job is to look for the safety of the child, and your job is to prove that this was a one-time incident and that you can and will protect your child. Best wishes with your health problems, and with your current situation!

Get a lawyer.

Are you sure you are telling the truth here? Did you go to the hospital or were you passed out for other reasons? Does your child's grandparents have criminal records? Is your son adoptable? Is he a pretty white little boy? You're gonna have to jump through their hoops, pay for a good attorney, court appointed don't give a hoot about you, and hope for the best. Were you in your own apartment complex when this happened? Sounds like not. I don't mean to judge, but if you had a medical emergency, and you are not on drugs or dead drunk, you should be able to get your child back. You are in for the fight of your life though. I'm sorry for your bad luck.

Sweetie? I am so sorry if I sounded judgmental with my questions, but even if you were guilty of other things, you still deserve the right to have your child with you. CPS must offer you reunification services, but please be careful about signing anything or agreeing to anything they say, as it may be a sign to them (even if it isn't true) that you are guilty of what they are accusing you of. I am so sorry you had a miscarriage. I'm sorry about my phuced up answer earlier. You can get your cute baby back. It will be a tough up-hill road. My prayers are with you.

I live in TX and they took my friend's child away. Get a really good lawyer or keep your house spotless and do every freaking thing they say! Depending on your social worker they might come by your house without calling and then YOU will be in trouble. I hope you have a really good judge. If you have the right judge you will certainly get your child back. Maybe you have parents in your town that your child could stay with for a while. They will do that. But be very careful because they WILL try to screw you over. Good Luck!

get a attorney and explain your heath conditions and tell him the situation and maybe get a witness that seen what happend if possible but take it to court get a good attorney

Wow, what an awful situation to be in, but from experience, the only thing I can tell you is to play by their rules, and do whatever they ask you. They have gotten involved for what they feel is a good reason, and unless you can prove them wrong, you are at their mercy! Cps takes kids first and ask questions later! Do I agree with it? OF course not! But once you are under their radar, you can either comply with them, or if not, they will make your life miserable until you do, they get whatever they want, one way or another! I think the CPS or some form of it is needed for kids sakes, but I think the current operations of CPS needs to be updated or heavily revised, and maybe even from under the control of the state! They have a code or handbook they are supposed to go by, but they don't, and it's all perfectly legal! I feel as though the governor or even the president should get more involved on this issue, but I guess Bush will only do that when hell freezes over! Until then, millions of homes will continue to be broken up because of some overzealous CPS workers and investigations not done deep enough into allegations of abuse and neglect!

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