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How can you tell when you're being recorded in your house? My voice echoes in the house.?
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How can you tell when you're being recorded in your house? My voice echoes in the house.?

How do you know when there's an audio bug in your house? I'm not joking. Someone has been in my house.
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where can i find an audio bug detector? is that exactly what it would be called?


2010-08-28 04:06:47 +0000
A electronic bug would not cause an echo, perhaps you need more fabric to help absorb the noise's since sound waves "bounce" around unless they are absorbed. You can buy a device to detect electronic bugs pretty cheap if you want to be sure.

2010-08-28 04:11:01 +0000
Do a google search for "counter surveillance" equipment.

2010-08-28 04:11:47 +0000
-Try talk out loud and by yourself check suspicious places within your house
-Hire a detective.
-Buy an audio bug detector.
Or you can check out these below webs


2010-08-28 04:54:27 +0000
You don't, not if it is done properly. Without going into the complex stuff, the two ways is a transmitting bug to a relay device. Which is what people scan for in the movies, with a radio freq detector. Trying to find a localized signal within the room. Or they are hard wired. eg recording device / phone / video, left on in the room, or a variation of that.

Once saw a old black and white movie, where a spy lost it, and completely took apart his rooms looking for a bug. It is just as simple, to assume there is one, and communicate in other ways, if that is your thing.

Voice echoes: Sound is a energy like light, and like light, it can be reflected off surfaces. If you have bare walls, wooden floors etc then sound will 'echo'. cover them up with rugs and wall hangings. After a break in, people will have heightened senses of perception. Perhaps, the sound echoes have always been there, but now you notice them, per increased alertness to your surroundings.

2010-08-28 04:01:50 +0000
If there are people waering black suits frequently walking around your block, and a black van always infront of your house

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