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How to sue a hotel for having bed bugs?
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How to sue a hotel for having bed bugs?

My boyfriend and I stayed at a hotel and he got bit up by bed bugs. I took pictures of all his bite marks and the bugs and the room number. The manager refunded us $5 and gave us a new room! How ridiculous! I am calling the department of public health and I want to sue them. How do I go about doing so?
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You def can sue because there are multiple cases where people have. I just want to know how I go about doing so.


Michael O
Bed bugs cases can be tough, but you should definitely get in touch with a personal injury attorney. There are a variety of causes of action that can be used to bring a lawsuit against a hotel with bed bugs, most of which do not require actual knowledge of the infestation on the part of the hotel owner. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills as well as compensatory (pain & suffering) and punititive damages.

Contacting the local Health Department is another avenue to go, although this will likely result in city taking some sort of action in its own right, not necessarily on your behalf.

I really feel your pain on this. It can be hard to relate to how nasty bed bugs can be if you haven't been unlucky enough to experience them yourself!

*Edit* These people who are telling you that you cannot sue for them are just plain wrong.

scott b
Do you have medical bills?? If not, then the only thing you can sue for is the cost of the room (minus $5)

You would also have to prove the hotel KNEW about them, and didn't do anything. That's going to be impossible, because all they have to say is that they JUST got there on the last person to use the room.

Comrade Snarkovich
Prove that the bed bugs didn't come from your house originally.

Bed bugs aren't illegal. They're icky but you can't sue for them.

q S
The best bay to protect yourself from bringing bed bugs home is to not set your suit case on the bed or floor. Use the rack that's provided.

Good luck on your law suit, I hope you post an update here. As you can imagine it is infinitely cheaper for a hotel to not clean the rooms well than to actually clean them. So a good law suit might be the encouragement they need to start cleaning up.

Below is copied from the MSNBC link at the bottom:

PS If I ever win the lottery I'm just going to buy one of the million dollar rock star style motor homes and stay out of hotels all together ;-)

Before jumping into bed, here are a few spot check tips:
Peel back the bedsheets and check the mattress, running your fingers along the upper and lower seams. Make sure to check the mattress tag, bed bugs often hide there.
Experts recommend removing and examining the headboard if possible. Check for tiny black spots (excrement) that are smaller than poppy seeds. You may also see translucent light brown skins or, in the case of an infestation— live bugs.
Check the bedside table. Look for signs of bed bugs in the drawers and along the wall on the side of the bed that is less likely to be disturbed by cleaning staff and guests.
You may want to elevate suitcases and keep them off the floor, like on a luggage stand.
If you see powder in the drawers or on the headboard, it is likely that the room has already been treated for bed bugs by an exterminator.
If bed bugs are detected, travelers should request for another room. Be sure to inform hotel management.
Just moving to a different room may not be the total answer. You should repeat the thorough inspection of any new or different room you are offered.
When you pack to leave, inspect your luggage carefully first, and inspect every item as you pack to help detect any bugs or their signs. Laundering most cloth items with typical hot water and detergent followed by drying on low heat for at least 20 minutes (or standard dry cleaning) should kill all bed bugs in or on such items. Sealing freshly-laundered items inside a plastic bag should help keep any more bed bugs from getting in those items later to hide (and be carried back with you).

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