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I'm an x-felon, can I own a gun?
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I'm an x-felon, can I own a gun?

I live in Michigan, I was convicted for uttering and publishing over 10 years ago (making money orders). This is a non-violent feloney, which has been expunged, but I seem to recall someone saying I will never be able to leagaly own a gun. Is this just hand guns, hunting rifels, are antiques included in this, and what about bow and arrow/crossbows?


Troy W
Um well i think your allowed to own a gun just buy one they make you sign something and i think your fine. Alls you need is a gun license



tyler k
if i were you id get used to watching someone else carry a gun...if your a ex-felon carrying around a gun....no one's likely gonna believe its for protection....now as far as bow and arrow....maybe....crossbow no..very lethal weapon dont try your luck bro...

i would think that, becuase u are one u would probably have to regester it or something so if u did do something bad with it they could trace it.

apply for one and see what happens.

One eyed pirate
I believe if you have ever been found guilty a felony you can never own a firearm. Which is why G Gordon Liddy's wife owns several.

Daniel C
It has always been my understanding that the right to own a firearm was returned five years after getting off-paper. That said, I believe I also remember reading that the Fed decided (through the actions of the republicrats) that convicted felons can never own a firearm legally.

Bow-n-arrow and crossbows are not firearms. While one does need a permit to hunt with them (during specific times of the year) one does not need any kind of permit to buy and own these projective, non-explosive, weapons.

NO YOU CANNOT! a felony is a felony. if you get caught, you're done. oh, on that expunged deal, depending on the state, it could take up to years. that's filing it, being reviewed, and final decision.

I know you can't own one in Illinois, that's for sure. I am almost certain you can't legally own one in Michigan either.

What do you mean by expunged?

Jaron S
Well legally, you should be able to own the firearm of your choice if the crime was exspunged. but i'm not really up on michigan laws so it might be different in your state. But all in all, you should be able to... make a call to your local government and if they give you the run around, ask to speak with someone in the state reps. office....they should be able to help...........

According to law, a convicted felon cannot legally own a firearm.

Problem Child
No gun with felony. All things that fall under thinking about what you are doing before you do it. I assume you knew when you where doing the crime that it was illegal, yet did it anyway? Well, this is what we consequences and repercussions.

The Cat
Nope. In 1968 The Gun Control Act made it illegal for anyone convicted of a felony to purchase or own a firearm. This is a conviction.

Gun Control means I didnt miss
If you were convicted then the record was not expunged unless you were a minor. Even then it is not automatic. As far as owning a gun, you are out of luck. Federal law prohibits convicted felons from owning or posessing firearms of any type. You cant even own a flintlock muzzle loader. If it takes gunpowder to fire it, you cant own it. as far as bows and arrows, there are no prohibitions on your posessing them.

Hi I am an ex-felon too. If the crime has been expunged, why should you not have your rights back?

WTH is uttering?

WTH did that guy say, "I hope not." It was a MONEY ORDER CRIME NOT A SHOOTING! DAMN! So many felonies are not really about murder and killing sprees. Lying to the government to get more food stamps = felony. taking the label off a mattress = crime.

Please, I want to know, how were your last ten years? What could you find work as? Please let me know, thank you kindly.

Sarah, I don't think it's quite as obvious as a cross bow is not a gun...DUH!! The government classifies things in strange ways, think about foods we can't eat like transfats, things we can and can't ingetst, we can alcohol and tobacco which are both drugs but marijuana we cannot. I can easily see the government classifying a crossbow as a gun as it's essentailly the same thing just not powered by gunpowder. You are correct that crossbows are not considered guns, however to say the government would obviusly see it that way is not true.

I believe that you must petition the courts for the return of this right.

I am in Massachusetts and laws are probably different. I would imagine since it is a none violent offense you should be able to own one. Here in Mass you apply for a type B permit first, which is you are able to carry your locked gun (locked in a case or a with a trigger lock) to and from the firing range. Type One or A (?) is that you can carry a gun on you concealled with out a lock on. The permit has wording to the affect of "to protect life and property". People who own a business where they are transporting valuables/cash would be an ideal canidate for this permit. But I understand that if you have a B permit for some time it is easier to get it upgaded to an A permit.
Again the laws may be totally different in Mich. You should contact your local police deparment and ask how to get one. I do know that they will ask you what you want it for. Hunting, collecting antique firearms, and so on.
Good Luck

Really stupid answers from really stupid people that don't know what they are talking about.

The answer is simple: Depends on the State. It depends also because some states have different definitions of "fire arms", so I would think a bow is safe.

I have Felonies based on military trials, although I am not sure if they are really "felonies", it's on my record, currently I am trying to get one for a possible job as a Sheriff. Also, even if I am denied because of my record, I can still apply to get one if I get into law enforcement.

From Wiki:

"Unless an exception applies or the purchase is being made using an approved alternative method, Brady Law requires that background checks for individuals be conducted before a firearm may be purchased from a dealer, manufacturer or importer. Unless there are additional state restrictions, the firearm may be taken upon NICS approval. Purchases from a non-FFL seller are not subject to the Brady Law, but may be covered under other federal, state, and local restrictions. This distinction prevails without regard to the locus of the sale. Thus FFL sales at gun shows are still subject to NICS approval while private sales are not. The so-called "Gun Show Loophole" would be more accurately called a "Private Sale Loophole."

NO, federal law.

Call your local PD and ask them. Thats a tough one.

Apply and find out, you don't have nothing to loose.

Okay if you were convited of any felony you can not own a gun unless your rights have been retored. You need to contact the United States Clemency Office to get your rights restored. You should be able to get them restored if your crime was expunged and you have not committed another crime.

Bob P
Without a complete Pardon, fogit about it! Thats just the way it is, Signed an ex-felon.

By law you can not own any type of firearm if you have been convicted of a felony. However, you mentioned that the felony was expunged and this may make a difference. As far as a bow/arrow, that is perfectly legal to own.

well if you aren't afraid you could ask someone of authority a police officer or town clerk in the state that you were convicted and I am sure you are a nice guy my step dad is a felon or very violent crimes but is a decent guy so i forgive you for your wrong doing

If I were you, I wouldn't take a question like this to the Yahoo Answers community. We're great for some things, but questions on serious law probably isn't one of them. If you're worried about getting in trouble, see a lawyer or another legal expert - it may cost a bit but at least you know you'll have the right answer.

Songbyrd JPA ‚ú°
Federal law states that if you are convicted of a Felony in any state, you may not EVER own a gun even if the conviction is expunged, or later reduced to a misdemeanor. While all other rights may be returned the right to bear arms in not one of them that is returned.

A convicted felon can never own a fire arm. There is no such thing as an expunged felony. It will always be on the records... Trust me I know from experience. A felon can own a bow or crossbow. Different states have different laws.

mu felon was in another state and I was told that I'm able to apply in the new state for a firearm ? but, who really knows unless you try ?

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