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I am addicted to meth and on probation, what are my options for getting help and staying out of jail?
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I am addicted to meth and on probation, what are my options for getting help and staying out of jail?

I am on probation and have failed 2 U. A.'s and am probably going to fail my next one. I am required to get back on antideppressants by the courts since my drug use is a form of self medicating. I really do want to quit but don't feel like I have the time to. I am a full time college student and I work part-time and can't afford to miss any of my time at either. Anyone that has quit a drug knows of the psychological and physical transitions that occur and how hard it is to do anything much less continue my daily routine of work and school. I do the drug to maintain and do not want to put myself through detox without something to help me emotionally. What do I do?


Chemically, meth isn't that addictive. People who use meth do it because they enjoy doing it, it is nothing like opiates.

To me, it sounds like you don't take probation very seriously. You sound like one of those probationers who think of it as some kind of social program for good people who are misunderstood.

You need to think of it as a 1 time opportunity to get your act together in order to avoid doing some jail time.

When you're on probation you always get an opportunity to go to drug treatment. If you can't afford it, the state will even pay for it. You will probably still have to do some jail time as a sanction (Jail Therapy) without having your probation revoked. But if you continue to use drugs and prioritize other things over successfully completing probation, your probation will be revoked.

There are "dual diagnosis" programs for people on drugs with psychiatric disorders. Talk to your probation officer about that.

tigger, give me a minute to get this across to you. I frequently visit Guam, and several years ago I met a young taxi cab driver that was addicted to drugs. He talked openly to both me and my wife. Your plea for help - I swear to God - sounds like an echo of the conversation we had at that time. I told him to fall in love with himself. To become narcissistic and to make himself the most important person in the world. And, to start with serious body building. For this it's never too late. Like, I mean everyday two hour workouts. To give himself at least one year for this program to really kick in. Diet and a good night's sleep become important. Heck, you become too tired to be scrounging around for drugs and the druggie life style.
Yeah, we met him again. He's settled on Guam, married and has two kids. He looks like somebody I'd like to look like, you'd better believe it. He's also into taikuan doh (2nd degree black belt), it's Korean karate plus. Drugs? Are you kidding? He kicked the habit permanently about six months after he began to reconstruct his life. We'll be seeing him again in a couple of weeks. Try it Tigger. Learn to love yourself - passionately. Like man, when you love something that loves you back you want to protect it and nurture it. Just thought I'd tell you about him. Happy New Year, and good luck. Mike

Seth H
Jesus Loves you.

Well it's a sad mess that your in. But you seem to speak as if this drug is helping you.But that's a lie. This drug is a horrible drug. Your going to need some help to get off of it. Everything I have ever read up on it tells me that you will need to go into rehab. Start building your life back up and go into rehab so that you can continue to finish school and be a a better person for it. I read that this drug kills. I seen those pictures on you tube of those people that had used Meth. Go take a look on you tube and type in Meth Faces. It's scary and very sad. I hope that you'll be ok and get off this horrible drug.Please go into rehab because they can help you and monitor you as you come off this drug. They have licensed Doctors and nurses there{rehab} that can help you. Also pray to God for his help to. God Bless You.

"I do the drug to maintain and do not want to put myself through detox without something to help me emotionally."

Do you have any friends or family that are close that care about you? You should tell them. They'll help you through if they really care about you but remember one thing, they can only support you, not help you. Enroll in a program ASAP. Good luck. The programs beat the other option, getting caught w/ meth, going to jail, stuck in jail on a bond you can't post while going through withdrawals. Just don't post the bail or call anyone to come bail you out and after a month, you'll have the tough part beat! ;) Seriously though, good luck.

Charles A
I know God isn't popular these days but you really have to keep him in your life. Pray to him. Ask for help from Jesus. He'll guide you. Just do it.

I know of someone who quit cold turkey. It wasn't meth but it was coke. No weaning, no support groups. It was hell for a couple of weeks but she's been drug free for 6 years now. Forget school, or anything else for that matter, during the withdrawal phase. Take a semester off or kick it during the summer.

If you can, stay with your parents during this time or with someone who is going to influence you positively.

If you want to be free, free yourself. You know you can do it.


you know what i think???
yes you are a full time student, but at this point in time, school CANNN wait and your life cant be put on hold any longer. There are ALWAYS other jobs out there that you can get and if you talk to your work then i am sure they would be willing to let you get time to get your life together..
honostly, these seem to be excuses, no offense, i know that its legitament that you need to work and go to school BUT these are things that will be waiting for you..but your life is not..
you need to go to your phone book or get off this Y!A and google rehab facilities in your area.
everything can wait, but your life is at risk by what you are doing..go get help, call your family and they can hopefully help you and support you also!
best of luck...please take into consideration of what i have told you!!!!

its the new year and time for a new start!!!!!!
happy new year! best of luck!

Put school on hold. It is the least of your worries. You are fighting for your life. This is one of the most dangerous drugs out there.

Get into a good inpatient program for at least a year. I recommend Life Challenge/ Teen Challenge. They have an awesome track record.

Please take this seriously. You could die.

Unless you get back on your medication that's ordered by the court and get yourself some help you will be getting jailhouse detox and trust me you don't want to go that route. Be honest with your probation officer, ask for help. Tell them you want to go to detox/rehab but don't tell them that just to stay out of jail. Do it to get off the meth permanently. Counselors are there to help you emotionally through detox and if the doctor finds it necessary they will give you medication after your body has been cleaned of the meth. During detox you'll get medications to help with the detox, it doesn't take all the pain away but it helps till you're through it. The rehab phase is where the emotional help comes in through counselling and peer support. Put school on hold till you get yourself clean. Good luck.

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