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I have to change my name on my social security card and i have a warrant for my arrest. what to do?
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I have to change my name on my social security card and i have a warrant for my arrest. what to do?

I have a warrant due to my lawyer not showing up to my dui court for me and currently in the process of taking care of this matter but I immediately need to change my name on my s.s card for DMV purposes. I went to the DMV and there were no records of my warrant and did not get arrested there but will they arrest me at the social security office for a warrant? I've heard stuff about people getting arrested at the passport administration office for warrants but how about the social security office? dang im so scared.. please provide me with some good answers people... thanks
Additional Details
im not trying to change the name on my s.s because i want to change my identity. Are you guys even reading my question? you guys are making me sound like im some kind of fugitive. i need to change my name on my s.s because i need to get a california i.d for school and the DMV said that my name in the DMV record and s.s does not match. Therefore, in order for me to get my california i.d i need to change my name on my s.s. or DMV but i cant change my name at the DMV because they need certified documents like a birth certificate which they wont take because it isent a US birth certificate. And something about they cant take my passport because i dont have a certified stamp on it. And for my court situation my new lawyer that i've hired said that he will clear my warrant as soon as im done with my dui class. Please some real answers. Thank you


Take care of the warrant first or you will be doing something else that is illegal.

If a "good" answer is one that allows you to evade the law, then I don't have one.

Turn yourself in...

Why is the warrant for YOUR arrest if your LAWYER didn't show up? You need to call your lawyer and tell him to get you out of this mess you say he got you into. But somehow your story doesn't add up. If you want the judge to believe you, you need to show them you're serious. Doing things like this and trying to avoid arrest only shows them you'll do anything to get out of it. If you honestly want to take care of this, go turn yourself in. Tell them, there's a warrant out for me, this is why, it's a mistake, and I need to resolve it. Otherwise, you're a fugitive, and the longer you are on the run the harder they're gonna come down on you.

But it seems a lot more likely you're just trying to run. You've got a warrant for your arrest, you're trying to change your name "immediately" and you suddenly need something at the DMV when you should be at court for a DUI case? Yeah, dude, that's suspicious. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, but if it sounds suspicious to me, it's gonna sound suspicious to your arresting officer, and to the judge. You're not helping yourself.

Gotta turn yourself in. In answer to your question, I think they would check to see if there are any warrants out for you, but I doubt there will be people trying to arrest you on the spot.

First of all, you probably won't get arrested at SSA because that is not their concern. Second of all, you need to just take care of it. Go to the courthouse and ask the county clerk how to resolve it. Chances are you will be able to take care of it. Get your affairs in order now, since you could be arrested at any time.

You should turn yourself in you can't run, hide and changing your name to hide is wrong. You'll be runing all your life. Is that who you are?

♥ Haylow ♥

First, if u have a DUI, you don't need a liscense and they should arrest you. This is just another example of how the american legal system is failing. If it worked properly, you would have been arrested on the spot at the DMV. American Legal System: CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!!!

sorry, but my advice is to turn yourself in, it is the easiest way to take care of the problem.

Interesting how people always blame others for their troubles. The summons told you to appear, not your lawyer. Furthermore, the warrant didn't issue right away and you could have showed up anytime and rescheduled. So, this is your problem, not someone else's. Most times when I hear this same story, it turns out that the lawyer was never really retained. There were preliminary discussions, but no money, and so the lawyer wasn't obliged to do anything.
That being said, the social security administration is not a law enforcement agency and would not have access to the NCIC.

At the social security office? Simple answer is no. They do not have access to NCIC or other crime systems. Passport office's do.

I don't see what one has to do with the other. And I seriously doubt that the SS office receives arrest warrants. Now the DMV is another matter if your arrest was driving related. Just to be on the safe side I would get moving very fast and get the changes made.

Here we go again.

You won't do this, because you'll get all paranoid and think that somehow through the magic of CSI and Law and Order I will reach out and grab you, but here's the offer anyway:

Email me (click on the avatar) with your name and date of birth and let's find out if you really do have a warrant. Not that I think SSA will find out if you do (did I already answer your other question about this?), but if you're all that worried about it I can probably find out for you - to include being able to tell you if the thing is going to require you to be arrested or if you can just be cited.

That's one idea. Most people would tell you not to do it because (and they're right), you have no way of knowing I'm really a cop. Whatever. Your choice.

The other way to know for sure is to call the court you think your warrant is at. Ask them if you have one, and ask them if it's a citable warrant. You can also ask about something called warrant recall, which in my county means you give them twenty or thirty bucks, they recall the warrant, and give you another court date.

But really - I don't think you're going to get grabbed up at the SSA office for any kind of warrant related to a DUI.


And I'm not saying that to be mean, it's just that it's not like it's absolutely impossible for it to happen.

turn yourself in, stop running, your lawyer can't make it just disappear. man up.

Quite regularly gov agencies require the name on a SS card and other documents to read exactly the same. Example was my SS card did not have my middle initial, when I entered the USAF, they required me to place a correction on my SS card. So what to do about the warrant? First, report to the court, your new lawyer should have already done this, check with him/her. A warrant carries different levels, depending on your locale. I am a PA certified PO. Many of our similar warrants are just for appearance and would not require your arrest. Just a promise to appear, or the officer escorts you to the magistrate and then you are on your way. A simple appearance could clear it all. Your warrant may never appear with the DMV or any other agency outside of your local. Your warrant is most likely a local bench warrant and would never be reported outside local, county, or state depending on the court and charges. DUI is usually a local magistrate issue.

mike g
it wont happen unless you turn yourself in and get the warrant off your name. after you deal with the warrant, then you may go to court and try to change your name

the warrant isnt your lawyers fault. dont place blame on others for your drinking.

Was your DUI in california? Didn't you have a driver license before? I would almost bet you are going to the dmv because your license was suspended because of the DUI and you are changing your name so that you can get a license. be carefull how you handle that. Make your number one priority taking care of that warrant. I wouldnt worry about the DMV.

You can't change your name on your social security card. everybody has the same number untill they die and then S.S. is notified by the funeral home you died.Your number will not be used again... Besides thats against the law trying to lie about your idenity....Are you A terrorist or something.??????

This is easy: Turn yourself in. Duh?

~*~ Take responsability for your actions.. Turn yourself in.. in the eyes of the court it will look better than you running and having them catch you.. You can run but you can't hide.. Eventually they are going to catch up with you.. When they do its gonna be alot worse.. ~*~

Susan O
make arrangements for bail, then turn yourself in, and get on with your life.

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