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I no the person who stole my cell phone, can the police do anything?
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I no the person who stole my cell phone, can the police do anything?

I no who took my phone could the police do anything? Could they recover it or talk to them?
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I turned the phone off already. What if the person does not have the cell phone anymore like they sold it.


If you know who has your phone, I suggest you pay them a visit. Why would they care about a stolen cell phone??

If you have the information and paperwork to prove it's your phone and when they contact him I think something can be done. Maybe not prove he stole it but at least he is in possesion of stolen property which is a crime. Either way, you get your phone back and he ahs some explaining to do. I would diactivate the phone as soon as possible.

you say you know who took the phone but never told us how you know. if you did not see him actually take the phone then you do NOT have the proof.be very careful in accusing someone.
----retired texas deputy sheriff----

you know who stole it,.....can you prove this??,.....if so go to the police,.....

Katie J
i really dought that the police can help

If you know who stole your phone YOU can do something about it. YOU need to:

1. Make a theft report with the police giving them all of the information that you know about the suspect. Name, address, DOB...etc

2. Get a copy of the report from the police records bureau and bring it to the court of jurisdiction. See the court administrator and advise them that you need to sign a complaint for theft.

3. YOU will sign a complaint for theft against the suspect and YOU will have to go to court against them

You "no" who? Sorry, but I hate that text message language.

Get your cell phone company involved. Tell them who has it. If it's a new phone, they can probably track it down and get the police involved. The most important thing is to keep them from running up the bill. Depending on where you live, the police may be too busy with other things to help you out.

File a police report anyway. They may go after it. In the end, it's your word against theirs unless the phone company can give you some info on use or location.

Make a police report and list the person's name and address as the suspect. Without absolute proof of some kind, there probably isn't much they can do. They can't just go and accuse them of something because that would open them to a lawsuit. I took reports like this over the phone all the time, mainly because there wasn't any way to actually solve the crime (if there was one).

Contact your cell company and ask how to get another phone. You can send a copy of the report to them if they need it but you will probably just have to pay for a new one and eat the cost yourself. Sorry.

Definitely make the police report, though, so they have a record on file of the offense.

i dont thinks so but contact your provider and deactivate the phone also tell them its been stolen that way if anybody tries to activate it they wont be able to

You should contact your provider and let them know that it was stolen and who has it. You can also contact the police department and see if they can help you. good luck on getting the phone back.

At minimum, file a police report.
The Police will do a follow up investigation and speak to the person.
In order to file a report, you will need to tell the Police how you know that this person took your phone. They have to have some type of proof other than just a suspicion.

I am experiencing this right now. There is something you can do if they use your phone. Get a copy of the call records and call the numbers asking who called them at a specific time using your cell phone number. I had 3 people ID the person who stole my phone and I am filing charges against him at the court commissioners office. His friends he called were more than willing to ID him and tell me what a low life he was. This theft is going to cost him about $1,000. he already has 2 other priors for theft. I had to track him my self finding the birthdate and address on the public arrest data base. he was easy to find on facebook and his picture fits the crime. It is very hard not to pay him a visit with a few friends and a baseball bat.. few friends because I am a girl.

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