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If I'm caught shoplifting and don't leave the store, what happens?
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If I'm caught shoplifting and don't leave the store, what happens?

I'm a minor and got caught shoplifting with a friend but I did not leave the store. I put the earrings in my bag and when we were about to leave i noticed a person talking into a radio who said, "if she leaves the store, call the police." So I went to a section of the store to leave the earrings but he followed us. It was clear he knew and kept talking into his radio so I fessed up. I took the earrings out, said that I was really sorry and it was a dare. He repeated that into his radio and told me to put them on the counter. I did and said I was really sorry again, probably looking like i was gonna cry and he said, "okay." and then I asked if i was free to go and he said yeah, but i heard him say into his radio "if she enters the store again, take her picture and call the police." so we left.

So obviously i've learned my lesson, but now what happens? The police weren't called, i didn't have to talk to anybody else and they didn't get my name, call my parents or anything, all they have is what they saw on camera. So.. can I like never ever go into that store again, or can i go in there after a period of time? And how much of my information did they really get and how long do they keep it? Anything helps guys. Thankyou(:


I wouldn't go back into the store for a year, maybe 1.5 years. If it's retail they may change the managers and employees around, depending on the store so they may not recognize you after then. Give it a long time because they will remember you if they took the time to "teach you a lesson."

Truthful Thoughts
if your caught stealing it can ruin your chances at having a good job, they ask you if you have shop lifted in the application and they have your background record.they make you take one, before having job. you wont be trusted to work at store,or anything. and some of your friends prob wont even let you in their house. i wouldnt. and to answer your question you are already identified by the police. im sure he'll remember you.hes waiting for you to do it again and then your caught. and that man was nice to let you go you could have been charged as Petty Theft and it is considered a minor offense, but it is still punishable by law. If convicted, you will get a fine and up to 6 months in JUVI. and once your there the cops wont get off your @ss !!. theyll vistit u at ur house and ull get a paroll officer, soo annoying ;].


just never go back to the store. you were pretty lucky you didn't get into real trouble so its best you don't get involved in it again

Susie S
So next time instead of fussing up just and put the thing back and then leave the store..

Vanita Graham
ummm..don't go back to that store for like a month or two. My sister was caught shoplifting & she was arrested for about 1-2 days. She was 17 yrs old, she wasn't 18 yet. They told her she couldn't go to that store for 7 years, she has went to that store once but she didn't get caught, its a risk like if u did leave the store then since your a minor you would only get arrested for one or two days but since you didn't leave the store & you returned the earrings then they would probably just watch you & stuff. i suggest you should go back to that store until a month or two. hope i helped =)

Sally Cat
Seeing as it was only earrings, I wouldn't freak out too much. Now, if it had been something more expensive like an iPod, then they probably would have reacted much differently (more harsh about it). If I were you, I would not go back in that store for awhile just to be on the safe side. And I do hope you learned your lesson. My sister was caught for stealing a dress once before. She wasn't in a lot of trouble, but she was caught and she did have to pay some money and write a letter to them. I forget what the letter was about (I was only 6 at the time that it happened).

One day...
Good thing you put it back!
Don't worry unless you live in a small town, where everyone knows you I wouldn't worry about it, just be glad you could hear the radio and not get caught!
They wouldn't keep a motion picture just to make sure you didn't go to the store again, that would be a lot of work and a waste of time for them.
Hope it helps!

Anna L
Nothing happens. If they didn't get your name and address, then that means that you are free to go. They're not going to call the cops on you.

You can go back to the store. The employees probably don't remember your face when you go inside. Employees see many customers every day. Go back to the store after a month passes by.

then probably they did not call the cops cause you never legally left the store by law shop lifting is when you take something and leave the property of the theft if you did not leave the property then by law it is not shoplifting in some areas it might be considered attempted shoplifting but others no so just do not mess with the law because one of my relatives is in the law enforcement so do not mess with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! other wise you will be in more trouble then before if you just gave up to them

they were scaring you....obviously it worked. Keep out of the store for a while !!!

Michael D
Learn a lesson. That's what you do.

Don't go in too soon, but eventually they will forget about it.

They didn't even get your name? Wow, lucky! They'll probably have a picture in security of you for a bit but you should be alright. Just steer clear of the store for awhile and when you do decide to go back don't look or act sketchy, chances are, if they see you acting strange they'll check the pics of people who aren't supposed to be there. I got banned from a store back when i was in High School for stealing eyeliner and they told me I was banned forever.. After about a year I started going back and have never had any problems. Just make sure you don't make the same mistake twice.

well you were shop lifting witch is illegal so what do you think

I dont value your opinion baby.
Shoplifting? Stop being so cheap and pay for things.

Not really sure, I got caught shoplifting when I was like 12 and it was once we left the store. We had our parents called and learned our lessons too. I don't think that they can do anything really since you never left with it, and I would just avoid the store for a few months and I'm sure you will be fine

Nothing because you did not leave the store with the stolen merchandise. In essence ok you put the earrings in your bag without paying for them. The earrings at that point still were the stores property but you never left the store with their property. What you did while not smart was not a criminal offense.

Now as far as going in to that store again you should be able to unless you were told your not welcome back.

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