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If tasers are so deadly, why don't cops die when tased?
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If tasers are so deadly, why don't cops die when tased?

Over the past several years, tens of thousands of officers have been tased, yet not a single one has died. How can they be so deadly to the public if they are harmless to the officers?



Okay here is the question everyone ask :
Are tasers Deadly?
the offers say no,
But listen it is.
If you have a heart problem and you get hit by a car ....
Was it the car that killed you or was it the heart problem?
It was the car.
Now, let's say your a crazy maniac ranning down the road with a heart problem and you got tased... your heart starts to race and bam your dead. Was it your heart problem or the taser?

So, your wondering why cops don't die when they are tased.
When you apply for a job, don't they check your background, and your health? if your appling for a job they can't just take you like that, they need to make sure your in perfect condition.
I mean if you were collecting wood for an example would you get a would that is decomposing, rotting, falling apart, or probably have termites... in that case you would check the condition of the wood.

Now when they tase each other in the good condition ( when you stab a piece of wood in a good condition) you wouldn't notice anything.

But what they should do is have a doctor come in in test the heart rate:
if the heart rate is at
and after being tase it's the same
check back in 3 eeks to see if it hadn't changed
but now it's
at 155.
now that's increasing your chance of having heart problems, not only that it might damage your nerves or your muscles.
I hope you under stand cause I guess I have like 5 more paragraphs to right

Look like many of you don't know much about it !!, what they are talking about !!!(?) Cops don't die because they are big fockers ,young, healthy and fats, also they try once and very short time in trainings, not like the poor polish in Vancouver, that was 50.000 volts and for longs minutes and... apllied three times, also they shoot to a very weaks peoples like olders, sicks, drugs addicts,diabetes.. manies of this peoples, never complaints against Police brutality,first because they terrorized by the experience, secondly because you loose any lawsuits and you will be persecuted by the "LAW", so please don't mix enchiladas with macarronies, try to be honest (don't be Brownies)and smell the Coffee, because you could be Next (?) .. because by coincidence are inocents people, the most traumatized and the eazy targets of this cowards attacks by the "Power of the Forces".. also because the real criminal and killers, pedophile, rapist know what to do (?) and never are taser or shoots (?) are they ??? like Pickton the bucther of Vancouver, kill almost 50 women and his arrest was so quite and without problems.-Please Smell the coffee !

Because the cops are corrupt sissies deep down and they make their voltage very low as opposed to when they use it on people they have to restrain.

I dont recall hearing much of people being killed by tasers.
But my guess would be that the cops get a much lower voltage than the perps do.

You aren't from Ca.I gather.Thats all they use here & no deaths here from that.

Kiss Me Thru the Phone☆
Theyre not really deadly, they just electrify you when you get shocked.

ummmm officers dont get tasered that often.... and tasers ARE NOT deadly... like the point of a taser is to temporarily stop the person persuing you, not kill them... i think you need to check your facts...

I didn't know tasers were dangerous. I thought they only shock people and all they are meant to do is stun people's nerves for a couple of minutes so the cops came get a hold of someone without struggle. And I guess they go off on accident when they are in a cop's pocket or something.

Hoped that helpd. :)

Rayven Viktoria
it depends ow strong the taser is, how long its on, how close to the heart, and besides... u can get used to the electric shock to the point of not even being hurt

Serious damage can be caused when stupid people taser themselves for extended periods of time. When testing the tasers on themselves, cops only do the recommended time and voltage. We all know there are those out there channeling Steve-O who crank those babies up and don't pull them away until after the person has passed out!

The cops don't get tazed for 20 minutes at a time and they are not loaded on cocaine.

They're not deadly, just painful.

Meka D
Police are only hit with the initial low blast. You are crazy to believe that police are hit with the same amount of voltage as any perp. What about when they continue to send voltage through the perp's body repeatedly. Anyone that watches the t.v. show C.O.P.S., witnessed tasing incidents live or personally, have heard those famous words "quit resisting". Come on folks, how could it be judged as resisting when a person is having several volts of electricity passed through their body and of course the person getting tased isn't able to remain calm and still. That is impossible and its ashamed that the police have the right to tase people again and again till death only because they can.

Because people are differnt and everyone has differnt health problems

They're not deadly in almost any fashion! They're only deadly if you have MAJOR heart problems (which you shouldn't be running from cops if you do)!

Alfred E Newman
Cuz cops are on a special diet!!!


When they say it's deadly they mean very harmful

cclover _
There is only a 5 second pulse that cannot be reset to shock the "perps" longer, Taser's have not been linked to any deaths, yes, it does hurt, we use tasers to control combative persons to prevent further injury to others. All officers must be tased before your allowed to carry a taser. The reason being is so when I do tase someone, I can testify in court that I know how it feels....So, to some of you answering this question, please know what your talking about before you start typing!

rickie m
cops are tested to be in good medical condition,they dont know the medical conditions of people they tazer!they gotten out of hand with those,think they they dont kill people?read the news paper,or better yet check out tazers on youtube

Because tasers dont kill unless there is another aggravating medical condition. Usually drugs.

the taser sends the same electrical signal through your body that you brain sends to your muscles causing your muscles to be unresponsive and tighten up not allowing you to move. the taser only lasts for 5 seconds and is 50,000 volts the volts are not what kill people its amps the taser only send out about .023 amps when taser tested there product they had numerous people of all shapes and sizes even on gentleman who had 9 previous heart attacks get tased numerous times over a week period with no adverse affects. people don't die from being tased they die because they are on cocaine in a state called cocaine phsycosis tats heats them up and elevates there heart rate. when cocaine phsycosis sets in people die any way even with out any outside affects

No one has actually ever died from being tased.
People have died from pre-existing heart conditions, and from ingesting drugs that intensify the effects of the taser.
When officers are tased, they are (hopefully) in good physical condition and not under the influence of drugs. They also have the good sense to comply with the officer that is tasing them, so they don't get tased again.
As an aside to the person who said "they are not tased for 30 minutes at a time" that is correct.
No one has ever been tased for 30 minutes at a time.
It isn't possible for the Taser to sustain power for that long.

California Street Cop
Were not blown out on coke and meth with unhealthy bodies.

And top that off with many thousands more that have been tased for fighting and resisting an Officer and haven't died either.

As many of the Police haters have shown, they are incapable of accepting factual information. With them, there's ALWAYS something sinister that the Police do. Sorry to say, but all Officers are Tased with the same weapon and same methods that are used when it is deployed on a combative suspect.

Tasers usually trigger something else that causes the death. And, I'm sure if tens of thousands of cops have been tased, at least one has bitten the dust.

there has never been a single death PROVEN to be TASER caused...the courts have ruled in over 85 wrongful death cases so far and they have all gone to TASER..its all about suing for money...nobody has won yet

Jonny Flash
They're deadly only rarely, and even then only in cases when the victim is ill or has an unusual medical condition. Cops are for the most part pretty healthy (at least physically).

When the taser is implicated in a death, it always involves some other factor. This is almost always drugs, but can also be a pre-existing medical condition.

The taser effects the muscle under the skin only, and the amperage is only .021 amps, 30 times less than the minimum lethal dosage of .7 amps.

Addtional: After reading several posts... there is no setting on the taser, everyone gets the same volatage. Even the officers.

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